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Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie with Alison Armstrong
Audio Download
2 Hours and 45 Minutes Audio Recording MP3s of a Live Program

Most people hate being lied to - especially because then we have to wonder "What's real?" and "How can I trust this person?"
But what if we cause people to lie? And what if we can inspire more honesty?

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Shed light on this touchy topic that impacts all of our relationships.

Lying is as old as the hills. Everybody does it; even if they think they don't. And almost everyone hates being told a lie or being allowed to believe a lie. There are bold-faced lies, exaggeration lies, white lies, lies by omission, false-advertising, and promises that become lies. Most lies are an expression of Human Animal's fear, sense of scarcity, need for approval, self-protection and striving for status. Is lying ever an expression of Human Spirit?

By listening to this recording, you will:

  • Learn the differences in why men and women lie
  • Learn how to create the space for honesty and open communication
  • Learn how to interact with lying in a way that restores partnership
  • Hear Alison's answers to common questions asked by participants during the live program.
Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie - Audio Download
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