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Personal Consultants
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Personal Consultants

Need more information to decide which programs and products are right for you? Curious about our new Understanding Men and Women Online courses? Our Personal Consultants are happy to help, and available every day.

Toll Free: 800.418.9924 ext. 875
International: 720.935.0665
Or email: Consultant@understandmen.com. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Customer Care

Are you having difficulty placing an order or having a website issue? Please contact:

Toll Free: 800.418.9924 ext. 0
International: 626.389.4927
Or email: CustomerCare@understandmen.com. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Online Courses Technical Support

If you have technical questions or issues with one of our online courses, please click HELP.

Media and Strategic Partnerships

Alison is available for radio, webinar, and podcast interviews. Please contact us well in advance as her schedule is often full 8-12 weeks out. Send your detailed request to Leslie Thomsen.

Email: PartnerRelations@understandmen.com

Mailing Address

PAX Programs Incorporated

P.O. Box 2107
Monrovia, CA 91017

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