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Alison's Extraordinary Relationship Intensive

~ Is your relationship IN TROUBLE?

~ Is your relationship STABLE but lacking magic and passion?

~ Is your relationship poised to go from GOOD TO GREAT?

If there was a 9-month structure to get you exactly

where you want to go, would it be worth it?



to learn and IMPLEMENT

Critical elements of her Curriculum

Limited to 25 Couples

"Love vs In Love"

  • The Extraordinary Relationship Intensive has no course prerequisites
  • It requires a strong desire and commitment to transform your relationship
  • And about 4 hours per week to watch, listen, learn and apply directly
    to yourself and your co-participant.
  • The focus is romantic relationships and people in business relationships are welcome ~ it's the commitment to EXTRAORDINARY that matters.


  1. Begin with a Private Individual Conversation with Alison so she can understand what matters to you most.
  2. Attend an optional Intensive Launch Call to set you up to succeed. Wednesday, May 20 from 5:30-6:45 PM Pacific Time. This call will be recorded.
  3. Utilize your 8 Couple's Coaching Calls with Alison to customize the information for your relationship. Preparation is required for these 75-minute calls. (Alison hasn't provided private coaching for almost ten years, and is only doing so inside of the Intensive.)
  4. 15 Live Sessions with Alison devoted to key elements highlighted from the course content and the topics below. Scheduled usually bi-monthly for 75-minutes, beginning June 3. Calls are recorded and downloadable for your library.

15 Live Sessions take place on Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45 PM Pacific Time

  1. June 3
  2. June 17
  3. July 1
  4. July 15
  5. August 5
  6. August 19
  7. September 2
  8. September 16
  9. October 7
  10. October 21
  11. November 4
  12. November 18
  13. December 9
  14. January 13
  15. January 27

Extraordinary Relationship Intensive Session Topics

"All the Due Diligence"

  • The Love Bubble: Creating, Nurturing and Restoring Affinity and Attraction
  • Uber Values: Complementary and Conflicting Lives; Shared Futures
  • "Uber Values"

  • Delicious Sexual Partnership: Safety, Revelation, Acceptance, Deals
  • Time and Money: Spending, Saving, Investing, Respecting, Resourcing
  • Deliberate and Unconscious Objectification and Emasculation
  • Restoration Skills, Commitments and Credits: Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness
  • Noble Qualities and Noble Needs in a Process of Honoring: Projecting vs Verifying; Expecting vs. Receiving
  • Worth It Calculations Conceived and Perceived
  • Life Short Lists: Support, Sex, Fun, Free Time
  • Appreciation Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Independence and Self-Sufficiencies: Protecting, Supporting and Surrendering
  • Right Person Qualities, Behaviors and Deal Breakers: Can't Live With/Without; Better Off With/Without
  • Predictable Power-More and Power-Less Predicaments
  • Receiving and Providing: the What, the How and the When
  • Stating the Obvious: Committing to Clues and "Looks Like"

Apply Now

$24,995 Investment

Pay In Full Bonus ~ An Entire Understanding Level to Give Away

Bonus Includes 4 Online Courses: Understanding Men, Understanding Women, Understanding Sex & Intimacy, Understanding Love & Commitment for 5 Months

(Pay Plan Also Available = 10 months of $2,625)

The Extraordinary Relationship Intensive includes ALL THIS for Each Participant

Get started on the Understanding Level courses when you register

~ for the first time or to refresh your knowledge in the context of the Intensive.

By mid-march, you'll have a schedule to be prepared for each Session

with Alison and for your Couples Coaching Calls.

Sessions are recorded and available for download during the entire Intensive.

All Understanding Level and Being Extraordinary Level Courses

(Includes access for 18 months to support you during and after the Intensive)

  1. Understanding Men
  2. Understanding Women
  3. Understanding Sex & Intimacy
  4. Understanding Love & Commitment
  5. Being Extraordinary as a Man
  6. Being Extraordinary as a Woman
  7. Extreme Freedom
  8. Critical Missing Pieces

8 Audio Programs

(Download these for your permanent library)

  • Journey to the Center of You
  • Celebrating Partnership with Workbooks
  • The Appreciation Equation
  • Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie
  • Coughing Up the Truth
  • The Cure for Complaining
  • A Great ASK and Beyond
  • Loving More by Sacrificing Less

4 Online Programs For Each Person

(Access these on our website)

  • Amazing Development of Men 2nd Edition
  • In Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • What a Man Needs Most
  • Why You Can't Trust Men to Tell the Truth

2 E-Books For Each Person

(Download and read on any device)

  • The Queen's Code
  • Making Sense of Men

Apply Now

$24,995 Investment

Pay In Full Bonus ~ An Entire Understanding Level to Give Away

Bonus Includes 4 Online Courses: Understanding Men, Understanding Women, Understanding Sex & Intimacy, Understanding Love & Commitment for 5 Months

(Pay Plan Also Available = 10 months of $2,625)

Wondering if the Intensive is the Best Path for Your Relationship? And Worth the Investment?

Schedule a Free Consultation

Our Personal Consultants are happy to answer questions and help you make the wisest decision for you:

Toll Free: 800.418.9924 ext. 875 (International: 720.935.0665) or email: Consultant@understandmen.com

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