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To download recordings that are linked as MP3 files, right-click and choose "Save file as": for all others, we only have permission from our partners to offer them here.

Hunters and Gatherers with Conflicting Needs

Led by Alison Armstrong
Including an introduction to Understanding Men online course (and the live Queen's Code workshop)
Hunters_and_Gatherers_with_Conflicting_Needs_PAXProgramsInc.mp3 (53.2 MB)

Hunters and Gatherers with Conflicting Intentions

Led by Alison Armstrong
Including an introduction to Understanding Men online course (and the live Queen's Code workshop)
Hunters_and_Gatherers_with_Conflicting_Intentions_PAXProgramsInc.mp3 (56.8 MB)

Unhealthy Men: The Secrets of Early Detection

Led by Alison Armstrong
Unhealthy_Men_the_Secrets_of_Early_Detection_PAXProgramsInc_032515.mp3 (52.7 MB)

Healing Your Heart, Restoring Your Honor

Led by Alison Armstrong
Recorded in the summer of 2012, this teleclass introduces the concept and method of Noble Healing. The Extreme Freedom course, available now in webinar replay, includes a more refined version of Noble Healing, as well as Noble Forgiveness, Noble Rightness and other restoration techniques.
Four Sessions plus a PDF Handout:
Heal-Heart-Alison-Armstrong-Session1.mp3 (46.8 MB)
Heal-Heart-Alison-Armstrong-Session2.mp3 (35.2 MB)
Heal-Heart-Alison-Armstrong-Session3.mp3 (34.2 MB)
Heal-Heart-Alison-Armstrong-Session4.mp3 (52.1 MB)
PDF Handout: Healing Your Heart Teleclass Handouts.pdf (33.6 MB)

Alison Armstrong on "The Dennis Prager Show"

Alison has been a guest on The Dennis Prager Show since 2004. She has been the only recurring guest on the weekly Male/Female hour since its inception.

“Alison explains male and female nature in profound and original ways. Frankly, she's a genius.” — Dennis Prager

Listen to the streaming audio by clicking the play button below.

Ask Alison

May 22, 2019
(34 Minutes)
February 13, 2019
(34 Minutes)
November 14, 2018
(34 Minutes)

Having Fulfilling Relationships

August 15, 2018
(34 Minutes)

Understanding Appreciation

June 6, 2018
(32 Minutes)

Experience Feeling Loved

February 14, 2018
(36 Minutes)

Trusted Source

April 19, 2017
(35 Minutes)

Marriage Advice to Men and Women

October 19, 2016
(35 Minutes)

Devotion when Needs are Met

October 30, 2013
(35 Minutes)

The 5 Modes of Mating

October 10, 2012
(35 Minutes)

For more information about Dennis Prager on the radio, see The Dennis Prager Store.

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