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What has Life be MAGICAL...or without it, be a MESS?

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Knowing the "WHY?" of men's behavior and what to do

And piercing the illusion of SIMPLICITY

Bringing out the BEST more predictably

Having more INTIMACY

Receiving more SUPPORT

Enjoying better ATTENTION

Inspiring more ADMIRATION



Knowing the "WHY?" of women's behavior and what to do

And seeing the source of COMPLEXITY

Protecting the BEST more consistently

Receiving more RESPECT

Experiencing more PEACE

Having more COMPASSION

Inspiring more AFFECTION

What if "wonderful men" and "wonderful women" are right in front of you?

What if YOU are one of them?

What if you just need to understand how to bring it out?

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Men & Women

For men and women who want to BE MORE, GIVE MORE and GET MORE

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Praise for Understanding Men

“Alison's training is engaging, real, comedic and full of amazing information. I couldn't seem to put my pen down....so many ah-ha moments for myself! This workshop was off the chart!” ~ Heather S., Florida, USA

“I loved all of it. So much fabulous content. It is going to take me awhile to absorb and process everything and learn it, but I will with gratitude...I have been married 27 years, struggling the whole time but this gives me hope that I may finally have an effective way to get both our needs met.” ~ Rebecca V., Oregon, USA

“Understanding Men has taught me so much about myself and about men. I did not want it to end! I feel empowered to make my partnership even better and to make my relationships with my children, co-workers, and loved ones better...It has changed me for the better forever.” ~ Heather F., Netherlands

“Understanding Men is a real gift to us all. I discovered that most of the things I am frustrated about in my interactions with men are the results of misunderstanding their experience and their perceptions. I also learned that I don't even understand myself that well! Best of all though, I learned lots of ways to act from a new understanding. Even in the few weeks that I've been learning, I've been able to apply it and see change begin. I can't wait to learn more!” ~ Anonymous, British Columbia, Canada

“This course is not just helping me to change my relationship with my husband through a new clearer lens, but it is helping to heal my relationship with my dad who passed away over 20 years ago.” ~ Anonymous, London, Ontario, Canada

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Understanding Men
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Praise for Understanding Women

“I started this program and felt overwhelmed with information and things in my life that had to change. Today I feel a deep sense of gratitude for Alison's teachings. A deep love and admiration for my husband and a deep humbling experience for what is to come into my marriage, all because of the power of awareness and love.” ~ Vivian V., Connecticut, USA

“I love you Alison! You just healed my soul, body, heart, spirit and reconnected me to my force of life. You also made possible for me to reconnect with my man...We are blessed to have you in our lives!” ~ Nasiveli S., New York, USA

“The F Word & The Dragon in Understanding Women was extremely helpful. It brought tears to my eyes as I reflect on all the arguements I have experienced with my wife over and over again...It almost split us up. I wish I knew this in the beginning of our relationship.” ~ Anonymous, British Columbia, Canada

“The most impactful piece was learning about what makes a woman feel safe in her hunter and gatherer modes and how to best support her in that space. Having recently gone through some turbulence in a relationship this has allowed me to have more awareness around how to help with creating the feeling of safety for women. The other piece is knowing when to step up and take ownership of the hurt feelings or disrespect, dishonor, etc. for a woman...Even though I had no direct intention of causing pain, being able to apologize and release the tension and stress of it to bring her back to her true self is such a gift.” ~ Brian R., Colorado, USA

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Understanding Women
Online Course...

See Your Individual Options

See Your Option as a Couple

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