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The Dance of Partnership

A 2-Day Workshop for Men and Women

Join Alison Armstrong as she brings the phenomenal distinctions from Core Partnership to women and men who want the results only partnership can deliver, but who can't get themselves to the “Colorado Horse Course,” yet.

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What's better than Seeing & Hearing? Feeling!

Since Partnership – that magical paradigm of synergy and alchemy – is a way of Being, it's not enough to just learn about it. The real trick is getting the feelings of Partnership into your body. Situated clearly and firmly where they can become natural ways of speaking, listening and producing results.

“For me, the point of understanding gender differences – and the effects of masculine and feminine ways of being, thinking and communicating – is to be able to honor ourselves and others, and gain access to the domain of Partnership. This domain has nothing to do with Instinct. In fact, every instinct I’ve identified pulls in the opposite direction and prevents partnership. For example, instinct compels us to act in ways that reduce tension while partnership actually requires tension. The fantasy of zero tension and experiencing ‘one-ness’ means that someone has disappeared and partnership is now impossible.” – Alison Armstrong

This is what you will have from participating in The Dance of Partnership...

  • Holding Your Space
    Feel, in your body, what holding your space is like and see the value of not collapsing on your partners. Honor yourself in the face of others’ opinions, emotions and pressure. Learn how to honor your own emotions but not flood other people with them.
  • Escalating Pressure
    Do you ever get described as “too intense?” Or do people act like you aren’t really there or haven’t asked for anything? Do you nag? Do you get frustrated and explode? Learn how to distinguish your Self from the pressure you exert. Find it in your body. Know how to increase it and decrease it on purpose. Communicate clearly while creating trust and better results.
  • Accepting & Entrusting Accountability
    Do you struggle with having to do everything yourself because no one else can be counted on? Or do others expect results without giving you what you need to succeed? Do you feel appreciated for what you provide? Or burdened by all your obligations?
    Learn what it feels like to be accountable. It’s clarity + freedom + power and it can bring out the best in you. Work with the distinctions associated with accountability and a checklist to create success with any accountability you take on or grant to another.
  • Expressing & Receiving Your Heart’s Desire
    Most people choose from “the menu” – the options presented or assumed in their relationships and circumstances. What if, instead, you honored your partners with the priceless knowledge of your heart’s desires? How would you find them? How would you communicate them? Could you empower your partners to give you those results and experiences? Practice speaking, hearing, providing and receiving Heart’s Desire. Feel that enormous gift in your body. You’ll never settle for ordering off the menu again.
  • Clarity, Consistency and Appreciation
    Experience what you can accomplish without a single word of criticism or hint of complaint. Solely through the conscious providing of information and appreciation, you’ll experience surprising levels of connection, accomplishment and joy.
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Listen as Alison Armstrong talks with her mentor, Michele Skerl, about The Dance of Partnership

(Please note: Alison now leads The Dance of Partnership on her own.)

In this 24-minute interview, Alison and Michele talk about what you can expect, what you will learn, and why it's absolutely not necessary to attend as a “couple.”

Will You Really Dance?

YES! But maybe not in the way you are used to or afraid of. In 3 simple lessons, you’ll be moving with a partner around the room with style – and then the real education in partnership begins. Partner dancing will reveal how you give and receive, collapse and control, communicate and withhold, play and withdraw, trust and abandon – it all shows up in the dancing. As you alternate “providing” and “receiving,” you’ll experience both sides of partnership. And never be the same.

Do You Need to Bring Your Own Partner?

NO! There is no couples price for this workshop. Come on your own, or with a friend, co-worker or family member. You’ll experience partnership with both genders and all types of personalities. Just like in life!

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Due to the advanced nature of this course, prerequisites are not negotiable.

FEMALE Participants must have completed:

MALE Participants must have attended:

NOTE: Issues dealt with and information provided in other courses may show up as “missing” during this course. But it is entirely possible to grasp and use the Partnership distinctions without the missing pieces.

Want to find out more? Listen to Alison Armstrong talking about The Dance of Partnership.

To listen to the recording online, click on the link below (opens using Windows Media Player or any MP3-compatible player). To download the MP3 file and listen later, right-click the link below.

This recording is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Introduction to The Dance of Partnership - Recorded on Thursday, March 19, 2015.

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