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Hunters and Gatherers with Conflicting Needs: Introduction to The Queen's Code Workshop
Led by Alison Armstrong

Hunters_and_Gatherers_with_Conflicting_Needs_PAXProgramsInc.mp3 (53.2 MB)

Hunters and Gatherers with Conflicting Intentions: Introduction to The Queen's Code Workshop
Led by Alison Armstrong

Hunters_and_Gatherers_with_Conflicting_Intentions_PAXProgramsInc.mp3 (56.8 MB)

Unhealthy Men: The Secrets of Early Detection
Led by Alison Armstrong

Unhealthy_Men_the_Secrets_of_Early_Detection_PAXProgramsInc_032515.mp3 (52.7 MB)

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Alison Armstrong on "The Dennis Prager Show"

"Alison explains male and female nature in profound and original ways. Frankly, she's a genius."
Dennis Prager

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Understanding Appreciation
June 6, 2018 (32 Minutes)

Experience Feeling Loved
February 14, 2018 (36 Minutes)

Better off With
October 25, 2017 (35 Minutes)

Frog Farmer
July 19, 2017 (35 Minutes)

Male and Female Emotions
January 25, 2017 (35 Minutes)

Trusted Source
April 19, 2017 (35 Minutes)

Marriage Advice to Men and Women
October 19, 2016 (35 Minutes)

What would you change about the
opposite sex?

April 15, 2015 (35 Minutes)

Men, Women, and Happiness
July 18, 2014 (35 Minutes)

How men and women relate to money
May 21, 2014 (35 Minutes)

January 8, 2014 (35 Minutes)

Devotion when needs are met
October 30, 2013 (35 Minutes)

Happy Wife, Happy Life
July 31, 2013 (35 Minutes)

The Dissection of a Complaint
February 27, 2013 (35 Minutes)

The 5 Modes of Mating
October 10, 2012 (35 Minutes)

Anticipation - Gift of Love or Self Sacrifice?
August 1, 2012 (35 Minutes)

The Three P's: Provide, Protect, Procreate
April 28, 2012 (35 Minutes)

Asking For More Than You Deserve
July 13, 2011 (35 Minutes)

When You Think Your Man Is Wrong
January 5, 2011 (35 Minutes)

Safety and Connection
September 15, 2010 (35 Minutes)

Understanding Men and Sports
June 23, 2010 (35 Minutes)

When to Give Up on a Guy
March 24, 2010 (35 Minutes)

Gender and Objectivity
January 13, 2010 (35 Minutes)

Saving Lives: Healing the Feminine and the Masculine
September 30, 2009 (35 minutes)

The Single Woman's Dilemma: How Instinct Impacts Commitment
March 6, 2007 (35 minutes)

The Benefits of Understanding Men
January 24, 2006 (35 minutes)

How to Avoid the Valentine's Day Disaster!
February 14, 2005 (35 minutes)

Why Pleasing and Competing Won't Save You!
January 4, 2005 (35 minutes)

Ladies, do you bring out the Prince or the Frog?
June 10, 2004 (35 minutes)

Getting What You Need from the Opposite Sex
May 16, 2004 (35 minutes)

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Interview with Lion Goodman on the Ultimate Men's Summit

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June 13, 2011

Alison Armstrong on "The Aware Show" hosted by Lisa Garr.

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September 14, 2006 (57 minutes)

Download September 14, 2006 MP3 File – Aware09-14-06.mp3 25.9MB

For more information about The Aware Show on KPFK radio, click here The Aware Show.

Alison Armstrong on Chris Howard's "Mentor Circle" Call.

Listen to the streaming audio by clicking the play button below.

May 12, 2009 (57 Minutes)

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