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Certification Partners

Our Certification Partners have successfully completed the PAX Mastery & Certification Program, with a specialty in the topic(s) of their choice. They’ve conducted research, submitted Research Journals, learned transformational teaching skills, and proven their ability to have an impact on individual lives through rigorous Demonstration Calls. They are authorized to provide workshops, coaching, consulting and programs in all media, utilizing the PAX information for up to 100% of their content. Our standard in certifying these individuals is “I would send a family member or friend to them and tell them they are worth paying for!”

We’re partnering with Choosing Partnership, LLC, to bring you an outstanding online membership program. You participate in a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals from the convenience of your favorite internet connection. Whether you need support or want to offer it, are having a challenge or experiencing a victory, have discovered something you want to share or want to share in the process of discovery – our membership program has something for you.

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License Partners

All of our License Partners are graduates of the PAX Mastery & Leadership Program, where they received training and verification of their understanding of and ability to teach core distinctions of our curriculum. They include these distinctions in their business consulting, coaching practices and therapy practices at their discretion, utilizing PAX information for up to 40% of their content, over time. License Partners uniquely integrate our information with their expertise in a wide range of professions.

Recommended Programs

Some of our Mastery graduates, workshop leaders and long-time partners have programs well worth exploring. Whether you want to delve more into feminine power and well-being, blissful marriages or the transformation of the workplace, we support these unique contributions to men and women.

Recommended Reading

These books are valuable additions to our programs and products. We’ve learned from these authors and consider them partners in unraveling the mystery of the sexes and the predicament of gender.

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