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Alison Armstrong's Online Courses for Men Begin Here

A Hero's Challenge + Understanding Women

For any man who wants to understand why men and women do what
they do...and how to produce results with more ease

With the unique perspective and information these programs offer, your frustrations will transform into opportunities for insight, compassion, humor, honor and effective resolutions. Be more successful with men and women, learn how to bring out the best from yourselves and others, and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots!

A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man

“Grateful for an amazing program. I received a lot of validation on how I operate and what makes me tick. What takes me out of my power, flow and best self. Grateful for learning how to set boundaries and protecting my new power. For knowing what brings out my worst. Grateful for learning how to ask, forgive and receive.” - Padraic McCracken, Denver

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Understanding Women

“It is possible to make sense of these seemingly unpredictable, frustrating, magical and necessary creatures called Women. It just takes someone knowing how to illuminate a woman's ability to literally change 'operating systems' from one moment to the next. I had studied men for over a decade before I was qualified to do this. I'm proud to say, by all accounts, the results are spectacular: illuminating, healing, liberating and empowering. You can honor yourself and be consistently successful with women.” - Alison Armstrong

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Advanced Courses

After completing Understanding Men and A Hero's Challenge, you're eligible to participate in these live workshops with Alison:

The Dance of Partnership

Core Partnership

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