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In Sync with the Opposite Sex
A Complete 4½ Hour Workshop

You’ll listen in as Alison Armstrong thrills, surprises and delights a group of single men and women, leaving them with information that will transform their dating.

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Grab onto fun, intimacy, and satisfaction in dating.

Understand how the most basic instincts of men and women pit us against each other in the world of dating and relationships. Learn how to get what you need from your dating counterparts. Avoid being tripped up by the “benchmarks” and “timelines” of dating and relationships. Understand how “false advertising” sabotages your efforts to have satisfying relationships. And much, much more…

  • Unravel the mixed messages you receive.
  • Get to the deal breakers early on, before anybody gets hurt.
  • Avoid coming on too strong and know how to deal with someone who does.
  • Eliminate the pitfalls inherent in pursuing the one you want.
  • Be more self-expressed and less misunderstood!

“The program was so truly fantastic. Men and women both really need to listen to your message — and those who do are simply better prepared for success and enjoyment throughout the processes of dating and relationship. The way you use imagery and humor, the way you make us LAUGH HEARTILY throughout the process of learning is not only the most delicious kind of icing on the cake, but a very smart knowledge-cementing tool!”

Julie Ferman


This product is available 2 ways - in a CD set, with definitions and a diagram referenced in the program, or an Online Program which brings together both audio and visual elements, with highlights, definitions, diagrams and notes to read while listening.

In Sync with the Opposite Sex
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In Sync cover illustration © 2005 Roxana Villa

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