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Understanding Men Online Course: 30-Day Challenge


Pay for 4 courses & get
the 5th course FREE


Group Pricing for 5 People

  • Each participant has their own course
  • 15 hours of Video Sessions to go at their own pace
  • Pause, Rewind and Replay as they want and need
  • Optional exercises and prompts to discuss and connect over
  • Weekly Live Interactions with Alison to accelerate the changes in their lives
  • Private Facebook support with compassionate, informed graduates and fellow participants

Pick the People that's right for your Group

  • Consider your friends, members of your family, company or organization
  • Decide before or after who's life you're going to impact
  • Men can participate too; they LOVE finding out what we've discovered about them
  • Transform understanding and communication
  • Have everyone get more of what they need with less effort!

Have More People in your Group?

Call Traci Campbell directly at 800-418-9924 x 851 or

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