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The PAX~World Tour

It's not a cruise! It's a Co-Ed 2-Day Leading Edge Workshop with Alison, and an inspiring and illuminating reunion for the senior Graduates of our Curriculum!

January 21 & 22, 2017 in Los Angeles, California**

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Every PAX~World Tour is new and different because this is the place where Alison expresses, experiments and extends the growing-edge of her work. If you enjoy creative energy, risk-taking and life-changing discoveries, you’re in for a treat. Come for the adventure and then bask in the love and appreciation of our very special community.

2017 Will ROCK Your World!

“This is quite possibly the most challenging, liberating and grown-up conversation we’ve ever had. If you’re tired of losing in relationships – even the one you have with yourself – this weekend will redefine how you engage with others in every context.” – Alison Armstrong on the 2017 PAX~World Tour


Alison asserts that the primary difference between “relationships” and “partnerships” is that relationships are based on expectations whereas partnerships are created through accountability.

  • LEARN why anything based on expectations is doomed, for example:

    • Most expectations are never REVEALED until someone is UPSET
    • Whether you fail or exceed, they BREED new expectations
    • You’re often expected to TRY HARDER when you’ve failed – even if you were NEVER TOLD of the expectation, nor agreed to it.
  • SORT your own expectations to determine what action to take

    • What you actually NEED
    • What would make you HAPPY
    • What is just something you picked up along the way, but don’t really care about.
  • COMMIT to your own NEEDS or find out what’s preventing you...

    • If you think you DESERVE them, you’re creating unnecessary resistance
    • If you think you DON’T DESERVE them, you’ll never commit to getting them – and just suffer the consequences.
  • LIBERATE yourself to ask others to provide what you truly need

    • Heal the wounds that limit what you dare to need and ask for
    • Reunite with your own values and standards, even if you betrayed or disappointed yourself in the past
    • Release the disempowering conclusions and beliefs.
  • ENGAGE in powerful conversations about Accountability

    • Discover the joy in authentically accepting accountability
    • Discover the honor – of yourself and others – in saying NO to accountability
    • Get set up to WIN in every part of your life.

You may become unwilling to ever have merely a “relationship” again!


  • Your sense of humor
  • Your willingness to play, explore and tell your truth
  • A dose of courage and compassion
  • Your desire for freedom and understanding
**We are changing the timing and location of this course after 2017. The following PAX~World Tour will take place in Dallas, Texas on April 7 & 8, 2018.

Prerequisites for Women:

Attend ALL of the following workshops, LIVE or ON Demand:
  • The Queen’s Code Workshop*
  • The Queen’s Code for Life*
  • The Queen’s Code for Sex*
  • The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women*
  • The Queen’s Code for Relationships*
  • *The previous versions of these workshops are acceptable, although you may feel out-of-date in some conversations at the PAX~World Tour. Formerly: Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women™, Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™ aka “The Queen Course,” Celebrating Men & Sex™, Understanding Women™ and Celebrating Men & Marriage™

Prerequisites for Men:

Attend the following workshop LIVE or On Demand:
  • The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women (formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™)
    • The DVD version of the original Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™ is NOT an acceptable substitute
Because the PAX~World Tour is an advanced conversation, we recommend that men have also attended:
  • A Hero’s Challenge: Being An Extraordinary Man™

Please make sure you are registered to complete the pre-requisites prior to the date of your PAX World Tour Workshop. No exceptions will be made.

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