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The PAX~World Tour

It's not a cruise - it's a Co-Ed 2-Day Workshop for Graduates of our Curriculum!

January 23 & 24, 2016

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Join Alison this year to explore the following topics:

  • In the relationship between our central instincts: Procreate then Protect then Provide, how do we as men and women "trap" or "cage" each other in different instincts? Start now by noticing how certain people consistently bring out a part of you – that you may like or dislike – and there isn't a freedom to be fully yourself.
  • How can we empower ourselves and each other to "hold our space" when others are antagonizing our most primitive reactions? Can we decline to be emasculated? Can we resist our feelings being hurt? How else can we consciously choose what empowers us, no matter what others are doing?
  • Special Guest: Bill Harris of Centerpointe and Holosync┬«, and author of Thresholds of the Mind, will be sharing with us discoveries from brain science and meditation that allow us to experience more conscious choice, and less primitive reactions. Bill is an energetic and engaging transformational leader who has worked to reduce the effort in achieving greater levels of success, happiness and contentment.
  • Surprise Topic. Because the PAX~World Tour is always my most current obsession, there is space left for surprises to show up.


  • Your sense of humor
  • Your willingness to play, explore and tell your truth
  • A dose of courage and compassion
  • Your desire for freedom and understanding

Every PAX~World Tour is new and different because this is the place where Alison expresses, experiments and extends the growing edge of her work. If you enjoy creative energy, risk-taking and life-changing discoveries, you’re in for a treat. Come for the adventure and then bask in the love and appreciation of our very special community.

Prerequisites for Women:

Attend ALL of the following workshops:

Prerequisites for Men:

Attend at least ONE of the following workshops:

Please make sure you are registered to complete the pre-requisites prior to the date of your PAX World Tour Workshop. No exceptions will be made.

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