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The PAX~World Tour

It's not a cruise - it's a Co-Ed 2-Day Workshop for Graduates of our Curriculum!

January 24 and 25, 2015.

Register with one payment of $495 or 7 monthly payments of $73.

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Join Alison and the community of graduates to celebrate our 20th Anniversary

You Can Expect To:

  • Engage in key topics from our original, ground-breaking program ~ side-by-side with men!
  • Experience "Laying down the sword" newly, and looking into a man's eyes, if you wish.
  • Practice the Hero Language, again with real men, and bring your understanding of this critical tool to a new level.
  • Engage in an enlightening and enlivening conversation about "Attention..."
    • What we need it for
    • When it works
    • When it drives us crazy!
    • All with the intention to solve the attention-deficit problem in partnership
  • A Surprise Topic because the PAX~World Tour is all about pushing out the edges of our world.
  • A celebration and acknowledgement of the entirely unpredictable reality of our continued existence!


  • Your sense of humor
  • Your willingness to play, explore and tell your truth
  • A dose of courage and compassion
  • Your desire for freedom and understanding

Every PAX~World Tour is new and different because this is the place where Alison expresses, experiments and extends the growing edge of her work. If you enjoy creative energy, risk-taking and life-changing discoveries, you’re in for a treat. Come for the adventure and then bask in the love and appreciation of our very special community.

Prerequisites for Women:

Attend ALL of the following workshops:

Prerequisites for Men:

Attend at least ONE of the following workshops:

Please make sure you are registered to complete the pre-requisites prior to the date of your PAX World Tour Workshop. No exceptions will be made.

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