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LUX Liberation, Understanding, Xtraordinary Relationships

about Men and Women...

Foundational Course

New LIVE Curriculum

The First LUX Event was a Success!

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Does it feel like the Quality of your Relationships is Out of your Control?

Do you strategize to have people treat you better?

Your spouse? Your family? Your co-workers?

Do you realize NO ONE can or will EVER treat you better than you treat yourself?

What if you had the TOOLS and FREEDOM to cause the Relationships you want?

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Where do you Want ~ or Need ~ Extraordinary Relationships?

Romance? Family? Your workplace?

What would they look like?

Wondering Where to Start?

At LUX, Alison will teach you, show you, and have you practice:

  • How to cause exceptional levels of understanding, acceptance, respect, love, support and admiration.
  • How to generate the freedom to receive more than you've allowed, imagined, or dared to ask!

When you know what's really going on?

What might seem insurmountable becomes obvious to cure:

  • Are you walking on eggshells with your partner?
  • Or even questioning if you've selected the right partner?
  • Do you find it hard to tell your truth?
  • Do you struggle to express what really matters to you?
  • Does your history bring you despair?

What might seem out of reach comes within your grasp:

  • Are you ready for "Good to Great"?
  • Know you have the right partner and want more tenderness, generosity or passion?
  • Want to GIVE MORE of your best self to your loved ones?
  • And RECEIVE MORE with gratitude?

Check back for the next scheduled LUX Event.


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