Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery

A Weekend Workshop for Men and Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women

The workshop for you and the men in your life.

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery is for anyone who wants to understand why women do what they do – how they think, act, speak and listen – and how to work with it instead of being frustrated by it!

In this workshop, both you and the men in your life gain an extraordinary understanding of how you are put together as a woman.

It would be appropriate for you to do it with your boyfriend, live-in or husband, or even a male business partner. Anyone who has a huge interest in getting your best self!

Or you can come on your own, or send a man from your life.

  • He’ll learn about your instincts as well as what brings out the best you.
  • Not only will he learn about it – the result is he will see you like never before.
  • He’ll learn what your feelings really are to you, how to honor them, and how to recover you when they’ve been hurt.
  • The things that currently drive him crazy, will be the things he’ll start finding cute.

“Having Jim attend Understanding Women has really changed our communication. We get to the point much more quickly and get satisfaction and results without a lot of detours...so much better! When life is hitting us head-on, we remember and use what you teach. You dramatically and positively affect our marriage and family life. Thanks for providing so much good wood for so sweet and cozy a fire!”

Eileen Noble, Minnesota

Graduate of the Understanding Women workshop

For Men

Having an in-depth understanding of the women in your life is the key to more fun, intimate and satisfying relationships. With the unique perspective and information this workshop offers, your frustrations will be transformed into opportunities for compassion, humor and effective resolutions. Be more successful with women, learn how to bring the best out in them, and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots!

For Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®

This workshop is the female counter-part of Celebrating Men. You will hear and see your key characteristics explained in the same humorous, compassionate and life-altering way. The result is being able to catch instinct at work, treat yourself with compassion, and have the opportunity to choose a more conscious and fulfilling way to live.

Ideally, graduates would come to Understanding Women for the first time on their own, and then review with the men in their lives. We recommend this because of the instinctive drive to pay attention to your men that will interfere with your own self-education. If you can only attend once, by all means…bring your men!

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