Celebrating Men & Sex

A Weekend Workshop for Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®

For every woman who wants to feel more desirable and have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex.

Celebrating Men & Sex will explain how every aspect of being male is expressed in sex, as well as how to reconcile male sexuality with your own needs and values. You will be surprised at the depth of understanding and appreciation men have for sex and the opportunity to have sex.

In Celebrating Men & Sex, you will identify your sexual needs.

Everything from what you need in a relationship for sex to be part of it, to what you need to be willing to participate in different sexual acts, from kissing to intercourse, and more.

“Our culture widely promotes the notion that men are ‘misbehaving’, especially in the area of sex. While it makes for a glib explanation, it provides nothing to heal the wounds many women have experienced in this area. By finally understanding male sexuality, with compassion and a sense of humor, women can get what they need to be self-expressed, self-honoring and satisfied in their sex lives.”

Alison Armstrong

Creator of the Celebrating Men & Sex workshop, and co-founder of PAX.

Understanding how men relate to sex will make you more effective with all the men in your life – not just your sexual relationships. And, you will never forget what you hear from the panel of men as they express their endearing and often hilarious answers to your most intimate questions!

Celebrating Men & Sex is designed to heal the old wounds to your self-esteem, sort your ex-partners into their respective, peace-giving places, and give you the understanding and tools to have the best-lover-you-ever-had be in your future, not your past!

Celebrating Men & Sex is now a weekend workshop, recently redesigned to spend more time on the topics women are most concerned about such as boundaries, pornography, infidelity and commitment, as well as significantly more time with the panel of men.

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