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The 2016 PAX Mastery & Certification Program

The Personal Mastery Option is still open for 2016

Personal Mastery

Take Your Education & Implementation to the Next Level

Personal Mastery is designed to maximize what you've learned in our weekend workshops by revisiting key topics with fresh information, useful implementation tips and the ability to ask questions of Alison live.

"The more you get in the water, the wetter you get." –– Janice Marker, National Registrar

Our PAX Mastery & Certification program produces phenomenal content each year. It's Alison's favorite place to update and expand our information. Personal Mastery allows you to take advantage of this information without the time, teaching or financial commitment of the regular mastery program.

You'll focus on your own understanding and use of the information in the Topic Series of your choice (see below for 6 choices). Every 5 weeks, you'll learn and be encouraged to research a new topic, and have the opportunity to interact live with Alison about it during "Office Hours."

Personal Mastery is a remote program conducted entirely by live conference calls and prerecorded downloads. Over 30 hours of Content!

There are 8 Topics in each Series; one launched every 5 weeks. For each Topic, you receive:

  • 1 prerecorded "New Topic Teaching" call
  • 1 prerecorded "Research and Clarification" call, where the Instructor uses regular mastery research results to clarify the topic and go deeper.
  • 2 one-hour "Office Hours with Alison" where you can ask questions live and listen to Alison respond to a variety of questions. This provides clarification and "cross-pollination" between Topic Series. Each Office Hour is recorded and usually available within 36 hours.

Personal Mastery is available in these Series. See the individual descriptions for details, prerequisites and schedules.

Tuition for Personal Mastery through May 25th
Deposit of $250 plus 7 payments of $157, for a total of $1,350

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  • How is Personal Mastery different from reviewing a workshop?
    • Reviewing a weekend workshop is a great way to revisit the same material, with some updates, and perhaps a new process or exercise. And that's great for many people. Personal Mastery has the latest, most up-to-date material Alison is developing in this area.
    • Weekend workshops require scheduling, travel, transportation – maybe even a baby- or dog-sitter. Personal Mastery is accessible 24/7 from your home, office, car or exercise!

  • Do I get more information from Personal Mastery?
    • In a weekend workshop, the leader has 20-60 minutes to cover a key topic. In Personal Mastery, at least 2 hours are dedicated to each of the 8 topics.
    • In a weekend workshop, time constraints prevent the leader from offering multiple examples and greater detail. In Personal Mastery, the instructor will utilize the research reported by regular mastery participants to expand your horizons, and provide ideas for implementation.
    • Everyone processes information differently. The ability to pause the recording and/or re-listen to all or part of any call can greatly enhance how much you absorb and retain.

  • Can I ask questions in Personal Mastery?
    • In a weekend workshop, the leader has less than 3 hours total to answer questions. In Personal Mastery, you'll have 16 hours of "Office Hours" with Alison.
    • In a weekend workshop, the leader has to focus on the most common applications of each topic, without the ability to specialize. In Personal Mastery, Alison can help you implement the topics in your life, through your questions during "Office Hours."

Choose Your Favorite Topic Series

Empowering Men – Alison Armstrong, Instructor:

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in men of all ages and in all circumstances. Ideal for parents, managers, executives, salespeople, coaches, educators and everyone who wants to bring the celebration of men to daily life.
More about the Empowering Men Series and its prerequisites...

Empowering Women – Alison Armstrong, Instructor:

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in a woman – whether she is Hunting or Gathering! Created for men and women committed to mastering the New Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women workshop material.
More about the Empowering Women Series and its prerequisites...

Heart of Partnership – Alison Armstrong and Michele Skerl, Instructors:

Focused on mastery of the 14 Elements of Partnership as taught in The Dance of Partnership and Core Partnership. Provided for graduates of these courses who require partnership to fulfill their dreams, goals and expanded quality of life.
More about the Heart of Partnership Series and its prerequisites...

Intentional Dating – Wendy Newman, Instructor:

Focused on conscious dating, courtship and partnership-creation. Wendy Newman is a senior PAX workshop leader, coach, and author of 121 First Dates.
More about the Intentional Dating Series and its prerequisites...

Liberating with Honor – Ellen Rosenstock, Instructor:

Focused on freeing people from the lasting effects of past wounds, shame and limiting beliefs. We explore the extraordinary power of Honor, in all forms, to heal injuries large and small.
More about the Liberating with Honor Series and its prerequisites...

Men, Women and Sex– Wendy Newman, Instructor:

Focused on mastery of the central topics contained in The Queen's Code for Sex workshop (formerly Celebrating Men and Sex). Created for women dedicated to honoring themselves and men in this important and intimate area of life.
More about the Men, Women and Sex Series and its prerequisites...

Please Note:
1) See the individual Topic Series for prerequisites and details. 2) Personal Mastery does not have a teaching component and does not give you the right to teach to the material you're learning. 3) Since this program requires you to learn independently, it is not included in our 100% Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Additional 2016 Program Details for Personal Mastery

Time Expected:
Personal Mastery includes 4 hours of content, every five weeks. You may listen, learn and conduct research at your own pace.

Alison's Office Hours:
Each Topic Cycle, Alison provides two one-hour sessions on the Maestro Conference system for participants from all series to "drop-in" and ask questions about their series and how to apply the topics. This provides clarification and "cross-pollination" between Topic Series.

Topic Cycles for Personal Mastery. All calls are recorded and usually available within 36 hours:

  • Week 1. New Topic Call: Each new topic in the series is taught by the Instructor, on the Maestro Conference system. The recording is available for Personal Mastery within 36 hours. Live participation is not an option.
  • Week 2. Research amd Clarification Call: Certification and Community Education Participants share the results and findings of the research they conducted with themselves and others on the new topic. The Instructor uses these examples to clarify the topic and answer questions. Personal Mastery participants are highly encouraged to conduct research as well. Guidelines for research questions are provided during the first week of the program. The recording is available for Personal Mastery within 36 hours. Live participation is not an option.
  • Week 3 – Week 5. Two 1-hour Office Hour sessions with Alison are scheduled within these weeks. Dates and Times to be announced. Live participation is encouraged. Questions may be submitted by email but aren't guaranteed to be answered. The recording is available within 36 hours.

Is 2017 your year? Mark these weekends in your calendar for 2017 Mastery Program:

  1. April 7, 8, 9, 2017; Dallas, Texas
  2. July 7, 8, 9, 2017
  3. October 20, 21,22, 2017
  4. January 2018
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