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The 2015 PAX Mastery & Certification Program

$250 Late Registration Fee begins February 4, 2015
Registration ends on Februray 18!

"You teach best what you most need to learn." -- Richard Bach, Illusions

This quote describes the foundation for the PAX Mastery & Certification Program: As you learn, research, validate and teach a new topic every 5 weeks, you'll integrate the material into your consciousness, your communication, your choices, and your relationship! Use the options in the 2015 program to customize your experience and master the areas of your choice, in the personal or professional context that's right for you.

This rigorous training program requires a significant time, effort and financial commitment. Please read all of the following carefully. Thank you!

Listen to the 2015 Mastery & Certification Q & A Call with Alison Armstrong

Recorded on Thursday, Oct 9, 2014.

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Alison answers Questions about the 2015 Mastery & Certification Weekends

Recorded on Thursday, Oct 30, 2014.

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The Program has 3 Major Components:

#1 - Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends with Alison Armstrong

Learn and practice skills unique to the genuineness required to cause transformation, not merely the transfer of information. You'll spend 4 three-day weekends with Alison Armstrong, who has been training transformational leaders and healers since 1982. If you appreciate Alison's style of teaching, she'll give you direct access to your own authentic, engaging stage presence and expression. The weekends are rigorous and require full participation, including the preparation of talks and teachings.

Weekend Schedule for 2015:

Friday: 2 PM - 9 PM. Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM. Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM.
  1. February 27, 28 and March 1, 2015; Dallas, TX
    (OPTIONAL: Kickoff Party 5-8pm Thursday Feb. 26, 2015 and Optional Community Teaching Event 7-8:30pm Wednesday Feb. 25, 2015)
  2. May 15, 16, and 17, 2015; Denver, Colorado
  3. September 18, 19, and 20, 2015; Eastern Time Zone
  4. December 4, 5, and 6, 2015; Pacific Time Zone
  5. 5th Weekend for Certification Tracks:
    • 5th Weekend for A Hero's Challenge Professional Certification- March 11, 12, 13, 2016. Locations TBD.
    • 5th Weekend for Empowering Men, Extreme Queen, Healing With Honor, Intentional Dating and Mating, Partnership in Business, and Queen Mom Professional Certification - March 19 and 20, 2016. Location TBD.
Participation at all weekends is Mandatory for successful completion of the program. You are responsible for your travel, meals and accommodations.

#2 - The Context of Your Participation:
Volunteering or Professional Certification

  • Community Education. Master the concepts through teaching your friends, family, co-workers and communities as a volunteer service. Alter lives and cultures. You may accept donations to defer costs.
    • Register by Topic Series. See Descriptions below.
    Pick My Topic
  • Certification. Provide our information and transformation for your clients, customers and patients in a new or existing business. You may charge for your teachings during the program and receive Certification upon fulfillment of the demonstration and reporting requirements, earning you the perpetual right to teach the topics professionally. Certification includes a 5th Weekend to empower your practice as an educator, facilitator, consultant or healer.
    • 5th Weekend for A Hero's Challenge Professional Certification: March 12, 13, 14, 2016. Location TBD.
    • 5th Weekend for Empowering Men, Extreme Queen, Healing With Honor, Intentional Dating and Mating, Partnership in Business, and Queen Mom Professional Certification: March 20 and 21, 2016. Location TBD.
    • Register by Topic Series. See below for Descriptions and Certification Candidate limits for each Series.
    Pick My Topic

#3 - Your Thematic Topic Series ~ You Get to Choose!

The 2015 Program offers a choice of 7 Topic Series, each containing 8 related topics. The base program price includes 1 Series, but can register for additional Series. All but Extreme Queen are Co-Ed.

These Series are available for Community Education and Professional Certification:

  • Empowering Men:

    Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in men of all ages and in all circumstances. Ideal for parents, managers, executives, salespeople, coaches, educators and everyone who wants to bring the celebration of men to daily life. Taught primarily by Alison. Unlimited Community Education. Limited to 10 Certification Candidates.
    1. Using the Stages of Development. Leverage the foci and needs of Pages, Knights, Princes, Kings and Elders to understand men, empower men and produce results.
    2. Honoring the Phases of the Hunt. Use the instinctive planning cycles of hunters to create alignment, satisfaction, re-energize, and most importantly, have everyone pointed in the same direction.
    3. Understanding Loyalty, Team and Male Etiquette. Men and Women have fundamentally different point of view regarding teams, loyalty and competition. Learn the distinction and find creative ways to get everyone "behind the plan."
    4. Supporting Transition Time and Underway. By consciously creating and supporting Transition Time, greater harmony, connection and results can happen. By understanding the energetic phenomenon of "underway," men and women can knowingly commit to the most difficult part of any journey, life choice or ambition.
    5. Speaking to the Point and the Problem. Train yourself and others to give just the right amount of detail, empower problem solvers, and create greater connection and cooperation.
    6. Harnessing Single Focus to Create Connection. Instead of trying to overcome Single Focus to feel more connected, consciously use it to connect over what's most important.
    7. Piercing Masculine Happily Ever After Illusions. Fantasies about the next big sale, the right hire, the new technique, the right marketing plan - set us up for disappointment instead of success. Free yourself of these illusions, see abundance, and don't mistake distractions for opportunities.
    8. Supporting Competition and Ambition. Harness these primal compulsions to bring out the best in yourself and others by setting everyone up to win on the path of their dearest goals and heart's desires.
  • Extreme Queen:

    Focused on the empowerment of conscious will, love, beauty, sensuality, co-creation and noble destruction. For graduates of the Extreme Queen only (formerly Queen 2) or those registered for the April 2015 Extreme Queen Course, committed to enabling the collaboration of queens in their personal or professional environments. Taught primarily by Alison. Unlimited Community Education. Limited to 12 Certification Candidates.
    1. The Flavor of Your Worst Self. Every woman has her default worst, her go-to awful. If she can own it, she can prevent it from showing up and even cure it.
    2. Alternatives to Anesthesia and Entertainment. When a human being doesn't know that who they are matters, all they have is ever more sophisticated forms of anesthesia and entertainment. Identify yours and use them purposefully, but mostly design a life around the difference you make just by being you.
    3. Beauty and Taming the Beast Within. Our own worst enemy lies within, constantly comparing, criticizing and commanding us to change, improve and perfect. Tame that beast!
    4. Breaking the Cycle of Female Competition. It's brutal, life-sucking, friendship-ending and everywhere we look. Break the back on competition forever and make room for a collaboration of beauty and brilliance.
    5. Creating Juicy Consciousness and Sexual Safety. Empower the Queen to adopt the Temptress. Feel beautiful, sensual and safe as a radiant woman in the world.
    6. Transforming Anger and Owning Your Fire. Heal past injuries associated with anger and embrace the feminine power of enlightened destruction.
    7. Harnessing Will and Imagination. Increase the potency of one's will and use the minds' ability to picture and envision to create what's wanted instead of what's dreaded.
    8. Practicing Extreme Honor. Every woman has needs that she cannot justify yet they make her feel whole, beautiful, safe, and powerful. Find out what happens when they're honored.
  • Liberating with Honor:

    Focused on freeing people from the lasting effects of past wounds and limiting beliefs. We explore the extraordinary power of Honor, in all forms, to heal injuries large and small. Ideal for therapists, intuitive healers, life coaches, social workers and anyone who chooses to be fully alive, awake and empowered, and to bring these gifts to others. Taught primarily by Alison. Unlimited Community Education. Limited to 15 Certification Candidates.
    1. The Reasons People Refuse to Heal. Our identities are often formed around our wounds. We even have wound clubs and associations. Who would we be without those decision-making events kept alive and hurting? Facing the reasons we refuse to heal can reveal our greatest motivations for doing whatever it takes.
    2. The Accountability of Healers. Only an individual can be responsible for their own healing. Anything else is vanity on a healer's part. But there is something true healers are accountable for: providing the spaces in which healing can happen. Explore the appropriate and timely use of Compassionate Listening, Illumination, Humor, "Karmic Lessons," and Truth-Telling.
    3. What If It Wasn't Personal? Our injuries are often fed by the idea that they did it to me. Finding out it wasn't personal is both annoying and liberating.
    4. Applied Honor and Intuition (Advanced Noble Healing Techniques). Injuries to our spirit can create ever-widening chasms of insatiable needs and cycles of endless proving that exacerbate each other. Provide honor where there was dishonor in partnership. Use your intuition to fill in the gaps.
    5. Using Shame to Recover Honor (Advanced Noble Forgiveness Techniques). Only honorable people experience shame. Learn why it is a generosity to forgive yourself. Be restored by reconnecting to one's honor, one's principles and the gift we are to others.
    6. Recovering Will from Addiction. Insatiable needs can take over a person's will, using their energy to fulfill the addiction. Help people get to the source of their addictions and reclaim their energy and determination. This topic is directed at non-life-threatening addictions experienced by ordinary people in their everyday lives.
    7. The Cure for Complaining. Nothing kills attraction and passion faster than complaining. Understand the Anatomy of a Complaint and use it to transform complaints into connections and turn-offs into priceless information.
    8. Perpetual Restoration. Dolphins shed their skin 12 times every 24 hours – soon making them whole again from injuries. What if we took that approach to life?
  • Intentional Dating and Mating:

    Focused on conscious dating, courtship and partnership-creation. For dating coaches, match-makers, and people committed to intelligent, self-empowering approaches to relationships. This series is led entirely by Wendy Newman, senior workshop leader, coach and author of 101 First Dates. Unlimited Community Education. Limited to 15 Certification Candidates.
    1. Default versus By-Design Dating and Mating Purposes. Our inner caveman or cavewoman is definitely up to something...but is it good for YOU?
    2. Relationships Sabotaged by The Most Popular FANTASIES. The ideas sound marvelous, until you find out how they trash relationships and actually prevent commitment, happiness and wellbeing.
    3. The Determining Nature of "Needs Central." Most people don't understand how Single Focus creates a natural monogamy that's urgent, inconvenient and opinionated. Women often expect the man in their life to be the center of all the attention, affirmation and help that they need.
    4. Authentic Sexual Expression versus Sex Strategies. Instinct has women use sex as a trading card, and leaves men vulnerable to female sexuality. Both men and women use strategy to insure the sex they need. What if conscious dating and mating ethics demand a new level of authenticity, honesty and vulnerability regarding sex?
    5. Form versus Substance. Women tend to pay attention to form, as in the job titles of Boyfriend, Fiance,and Husband. Men tend to pay attention to substance, as in "Am I getting what I need?" Avoid the conflicts and disappointments these differences make inevitable.
    6. The Princess and the Swamp Rat. This modern-day fairytale spells out the doom of those dating their type, and offers an interpretation of dating that sets men and women up to win.
    7. The Dangerous Consequences of Squinting. Everything looks okay if you squint enough. Stop squinting your way through dating and mating and be eyes wide-open.
    8. Authentic & Effective Internet Dating and Sorting Effectively. Learn to use Internet Dating effectively, wisely and authentically.
  • Queen Mom:

    Focused on understanding our survival instincts as mothers, consciously creating the mom we want to be and experiencing more happiness, empowerment and fulfillment as women, parents and partners. Ideal for moms, child-care providers, teachers and parenting experts. This series is led entirely by Jaime Myers, PAX License Partner, coach and former senior workshop leader. Unlimited Community Education. Limited to 10 Certification Candidates.
    1. Freedom from the "Ideal Mom" Within. How the constant "Ideal Mom" critic in our head actually prevents us from being the best mom we can be, and how to take that voice down.
    2. Your Unique Mom. Children don't need a perfect mom, they need you. See how to consciously create who you are as a mom based on your unique gifts and what your children most need from you.
    3. Keeping Queen Mom on her Throne. Find out what you most need to be your best and why it's so critical to your own well-being as well as your children's.
    4. Who's Got What? Being a parent can bring up our most intense survival instincts to protect and provide. Learn what has us left feeling undermined, unappreciated and unsupported, and how to turn it into partnership.
    5. Queen Mom Get's Her Groove Back. With all the joy that comes with being a parent, it can also bring many challenges including not feeling as fun, sexy or as interested in sex as we used to be. Find out how to get that groove back.
    6. Ending the Cycle of Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time. It's an illusion that it will all get done. Gain the most effective tool to have more power and freedom in all there is to do in the daily life of a mom.
    7. Freedom from Competition, Status and Doing it Right. As moms we often feel the pressure and tension of keeping up, not falling behind and having our child fulfill their potential. Gain a perspective on parenting that will have you empowered, free and letting your child lead the way.
    8. Intuition versus Instinct. Being a parent comes with intense instincts for survival. But is acting on those instincts always the best thing for our children to thrive? Explore Intuition as an alternative.

  • These Series are available for Professional Certification Candidates Only:

  • A Hero's Challenge:

    For the first time, we're offering the ability to learn how to lead our workshop for men in your PAX community or as an entrepreneur. Empower men to work with their instincts to be their best, heal their injuries, restore their honor and expand their ability to receive. Taught primarily by Alison. Limited to 8 Certification Candidates, men and women.
    1. Primary Male Instincts and Characteristics. The primary instincts of all living beings have an order of priority and a profound effect on behavior and quality of life. The characteristics of men are given by these instincts; understanding them is the key to self-empowerment, harmony and partnership.
    2. Antagonizing Men and Injuries to the Masculine. Few people understand the vulnerabilities of men. As a result, both men and women consistently antagonize men and cause long-lasting wounds with far-reaching effects.
    3. Healing Men from Dishonor and Disrespect. Learning to give and receive Noble Healing relieves men of endless proving and insatiable desires. In the process, it can profoundly alter who men are for each other.
    4. Transforming the Deserving Equation. The result of the masculine Deserving Equation is that men won't ask for enough to be their best. Alter the equation and transform men's relationship to deserving through Noble Forgiveness.
    5. Space is a Serious Problem. Without physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and time space, the qualities we can be, the ways we can think, even our ability to create and communicate are severely limited. Help men identify the kind and quantity of space they need.
    6. Being Great on Purpose. Every man defines greatness differently. Help men articulate what it means to them and identify what they need to be great in every area and circumstance of their lives.
    7. The Manly Art of Receiving. Receiving is normally feminine quality. Giving and taking are more natural to men. By understanding what it means to be a great receiver, men can provide what others need to keep giving happily and generously.
    8. Mastering the Great ASK. Self-sufficiency is wonderful and a long-respected male quality. But what about everything you need that only another person can provide? Learn how to ask for what you need and follow it up with the appropriate amount of pressure, if needed.
  • Partnership in Business:

    Focused on the application of the phenomenal Core Partnership distinctions to small businesses and corporations. For business owners, consultants and executive coaches. Led entirely by Barbara Vandeman and MaryCay Durrant, principles of PartnershipWorks, LLC. Limited to 14 Certification Candidates, with a minimum of 6 Candidates.
    1. Partnership is Possible. Partnership in business can seem to be the substance of fantasy, always just out of grasp. Explore the paradigm of partnership to see the challenges, opportunities and possibilities.
    2. What is your Part of Partnership? Explore how your imagination shapes your part of partnership and learn how to apply the right type of resistance to create a business environment where collaboration and innovation flow naturally.
    3. The Myth of Effective Communication. Discover the real source of communication breakdowns. Learn the power formula for productivity, satisfaction and profitability.
    4. Looking for Trust in all the Wrong Places. We think we respond to the people around us when in fact we train them with pressure and inconsistencies that we don't see. Learn what can make you a good candidate for partnership.
    5. Empower Your Capacity to Produce Results. Learn how to manage your boundaries so that you always have the capacity to produce the results and experiences that matter to you.
    6. The Hidden Power of Appreciation. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Our culture and natural desire to please or provide can undermine our partnerships and make it impossible to get the appreciation we need. Discover how getting our needs met can foster passion and purpose.
    7. Authenticity in the Workplace. Unmask the drive to be agreeable, compromise, command and control, or cave-in. Allowing your authentic self shine is easier than you might imagine.
    8. The Gift of Accountability. Accountability has a bad rap. Learn how to use accountability as a tool of honor and the foundation of successful and rewarding business performance.

Additional Program Details

Time Expected: Plan on a minimum of any 4 hours per week for Community Education, beginning immediately after the 1st weekend; and 6-8 hours per week for each Certification series.

Alison's Office Hours: In addition to leading weekends, teaching each New Topic Call & conducting most Share Research Calls throughout the program (unless otherwise noted), Alison has 3 hours per cycle on the line for drop-in group conversations. Hours TBA.

Topic Cycles: Each of the 8 topic cycles are 5 weeks in length and operate as follows:

  • Week 1. New Topic Call. The next topic in each series is taught by Alison, or the other designated trainers, on the Maestro Conference system. Day and time of calls TBA. All calls are recorded and become available for downloading by participants within 36 hours.
  • Week 2. Share Research Call. Participants sign up to share the results and findings of the research they did on the topic. Guidelines for research questions are provided at the 1st weekend.
  • Week 3. Teaching Space, no call. Have fun contributing to others!
  • Week 4. Teaching Adventures Call. Participants sign up to share their challenges and victories in teaching the topic. Guidelines and training for conducting your teaching sessions are provided at weekends 1, 2 and 3.
  • Week 5. Teaching, Sign-Offs, Demonstrations, and Research Journal completion, no call.
    • Community Education participants have a 15-minute telephone presentation to one of our Sign-Off team members, then 10 minutes of feedback and coaching. Calls are recorded for the participant's benefit. All-Star recordings are posted for everyone to learn from.
    • Certification Candidates provide a 45-minute demonstration of their ability to teach the topic to a volunteer and create an impact. The 5,000-10,000 word Research Journal is due at the end of each topic cycle.
Coaching Calls are provided for clarification of topics, support in synthesizing of research, formulating teaching agendas, developing audiences, and preparing for Sign-Off and Demonstration calls. Your tuition includes one 25-minute call per topic cycle with your choice of our PMC Coaches.

Tuition for the 2015 Program


Complete 4 Weekend Program with 1 Topic Series

DEPOSIT of: $1400

and 11 PAYMENTS of: $295 from February 1 thru December 1

Total = $4645

Pick My Topic
(Additional Topic Series = $1200, including a Deposit of $100 and 11 PAYMENTS of $100)


Complete 5 Weekend Program with 1 Topic Series

DEPOSIT of: $1950

and 11 PAYMENTS of: $745 from February 1 thru December 1

Total = $10145

Pick My Topic
(Additional Topic Series = $6645, including a Deposit of $1420 and 11 PAYMENTS of $475)

REMOTE GOLD CERTIFICATION TUITION - NO WEEKENDS (available only to prior graduates of PML/PMC)

DEPOSIT of: $1420

And 11 PAYMENTS of: $475 from February 1 thru December 1

TOTAL = $6645


(Additional Topic Series = $6645, including a Deposit of $1420 and 11 PAYMENTS of $475)

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a training program during which ultimate success depends heavily on your efforts, the PAX Mastery & Certification Program is not covered by our 100% Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We promise the orderly conduct of the weekends and topic cycles as described above. Ultimately the results of the program lie in your willingness and effort in engaging in the opportunities and design of the program.

If you are enrolled in the PAX Points Program, you may apply 500 PAX Points toward the tuition for Mastery & Certification Program. You can only apply PAX Points one time, and you must have already earned the points when you register for Mastery. To find out more about the PAX Points Program, CLICK HERE.

Get Ready for 2015 — Non-Negotiable Program Prerequisites

For ALL Topic Series, the following must be completed prior to February 27, 2015.

For Women:

  • Attend The Queen's Code Workshop (formerly Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women™)
  • Attend The Queen's Code for Life (formerly Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™, The "Queen Course")
  • Listen to:
    • In Sync With The Opposite Sex™ CD Set
    • The Amazing Development of Men™ 2nd Edition CD Set
  • Read or Listen to Keys to the Kingdom
For Extreme Queen, women must have completed Extreme Queen workshop (Queen 2): by by April 19, 2015.

For Men:

  • Attend The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women (formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™)
  • Listen to:
    • In Sync With The Opposite Sex™ CD Set
    • The Amazing Development of Men™ 2nd Edition CD Set
  • Read or Listen to Keys to the Kingdom
  • It is strongly recommended for men to have attended A Hero's Challenge as well.
For the Hero's Challenge series, men must have completed A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man workshop by February 27, 2015.
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