Peace, Love and Passion: Partnership by Design with Alison Armstrong
The “Couples Away Course”

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Partnership by Design with Alison Armstrong

Nothing impacts the quality of our lives more than the person with whom we choose to share that life.

Our jobs, children, even our health, don't have the same impact on us as the person with whom we are intimately connected. Yet we rarely take the time to design a partnership that can withstand the pressures of life and deliver the results we both want. And even when we take the time to create a great partnership we don't have the tools and methods available to fulfill our desires.

Imagine having a simple, repeatable process to create the relationship of your dreams. Imagine having a system to handle problems in a way that leaves you expressed, understood and satisfied.

In Peace, Love and Passion: Partnership by Design with Alison Armstrong, (aka The Couples Away Course), you and your partner will learn how to create the partnership of your dreams where you are both satisfied, honored and adored, every day. And you'll do it at a beautiful, relaxing resort where you have time, energy and space to create a fulfilling life together.

"My fiancé Louis and I took the course and our relationship deepened. We took time to get away from our day-to-day lives to deal with tough issues in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Being at the resort helped us move through difficult discussions more easily. We're now committed on such a deep level."

Nancy Fishbeck, Homemaker, Calabasas, CA

During this course you and your partner will:

  • Leave behind your work, children, home and email to focus on your partnership.
  • Learn how to negotiate deals to have more peace, fun and an ongoing sense of support and fulfillment. Make deals about it all including goals, values, household chores, free-time and money.
  • Practice negotiating using Alison Armstrong's "Let's Make a Deal" method that has both parties feeling they came out ahead.
  • With less effort than you think, heal old wounds that prevent you from fully expressing and experiencing your love and dedication to each other.
  • In a safe and private environment, design your sexual partnership so you both enjoy the rewards of intimacy. Learn what sex provides for you and your partner and learn how to be intimate even if your sex drive is diminished.
  • Discover how to plan the "road trip" of your lives to be full of laughter and love vs. arguing over how to pack the trunk.
  • If you choose, participate in the optional Parenting session. Learn new and effective ways to create partnership with your children where they have room to express themselves, be understood and contribute to the quality of your family life.
  • Honor your partner's strengths, challenges, needs and points-of-view by applying the PAX distinctions when thinking, speaking, listening and evaluating to collaborate.

Who the Workshop is for:

Any couple who is ready to design their partnership for more peace, love and passion. You can be married, engaged, living together or boyfriend/girlfriend exploring a future together. This is a course for you if...

  • You sense that an amazing romantic partnership is possible but don't have a model to emulate from your parents or friends.
  • You want to bring new life, energy, harmony, excitement and fun to a relationship that may have grown stale.
  • You've been married for five to ten years and your marriage has become something less than your dream.
  • You've been married a lot longer, and you wonder what's going to become of the second half of your life.
  • Children have changed your relationship because they're showing up, growing up, or moving away.
  • The quality of your relationship seems out of your control; it doesn't express you or your values and you're just stuck with it.

What Graduates Say About the Course

"We took this course early in our relationship, which was a good idea because we haven't had anything come up that we can't handle. The tools and methods we learned really work. We learned how to make agreements and deals about everything."

Rich Roellig, Aerospace Industry, Tucson, AZ

"My husband and I have been in a great marriage for over 20 years. After the first couple of years that butterfly-in-your-stomach love goes away. At the Couples Course, my husband and I discovered that we can always have that kind of love if we work at it and have a partnership to achieve it. We got the tools to create it and keep it and we don't have to settle for less. We came away with that tremendous gift."

Christina Bradley West, Homemaker & Mother of 6, Louisville, KY

"The Couples Course was great. Men's feelings and thoughts were validated just as much as women's. We got the tools to help us have a happier and more fulfilling relationship. In a safe and supportive environment were able to talk about and resolve deep feelings and hurts that are inevitable in relationships. We laid a nice foundation for the future of our relationship."

Andrew West, Physician & Father of 6, Louisville, KY

"The value I got out of the couples retreat is priceless because it saved my marriage. The information was great and helped me open up to my wife, Mika. We were both healed. I thank Mika for getting me to the retreat and I thank PAX Programs for the tools to work on my marriage. I can confidently say that participating in the course can be the answer if you are open and willing to receive the information and put it into practice. Thank you for all your help."

Sean Williams, Superintendent, CA

"The principles that we learned and the time away from everything to practice them were PRICELESS. We will continue to use what we learned for the rest of our lives together. It was worth every single penny! Thank you PAX for saving my marriage and my family."

Mika Williams, Event Producer, CA


Sorry, but our online schedule is not available. Please telephone for workshop dates and locations.


$3,995 per couple paid in full or 7 payments of $571.

Tuition includes 3 nights lodging in a standard room at the resort. Tuition does not include travel, meals or resort amenities.


The October 2012 course will be held at the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.

Workshop Hours

The workshop begins at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and ends Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Non-Refundable Deposit

For the Peace, Love & Passion: Partnership by Design workshop, $1190 of your workshop tuition is considered a deposit which reserves your spot in the workshop. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Due to the advanced nature of this workshop, pre-requisites are not negotiable. Please set up your life to fulfill all of them by 10 days prior to your workshop so you are not transferred to a later date.

Women must complete:

  • Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®
  • Celebrating Men & Sex™ (bring your Cover Charge chart)
  • Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™ (bring your Queen’s Throne chart)
  • Celebrating Men & Marriage™
  • Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™ (live or DVD)
  • In Sync With The Opposite Sex™ (live or CD set)
  • The Amazing Development of Men™ CD or Keys to the Kingdom

Men must complete:

  • Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™ (live or DVD)
  • In Sync With The Opposite Sex™ (live or CD set)
  • The Amazing Development of Men™ CD or Keys to the Kingdom

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