Celebrating Women:
Regarding Ecstasy & Power

A Weekend Workshop for Graduates of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women

Men follow your lead. Learn how to nurture your inner Queen and you will be treated like one.

There’s a reason why men think women are complicated – we are! We at PAX have learned that every woman has many aspects to her femininity. Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power teaches women to understand and nurture each of these parts of themselves, and to have them working in harmony with each other.

Called the “Queen Course” by graduates, this challenging and clarifying workshop shows women how to bring out the best in themselves, especially those regal qualities that allow us to be happy and fulfilled, while bringing energy and life to those around us. The same qualities that inspire men to admire, be influenced by and generously provide for women.

“When I first started studying men, I had no intention of learning about women. But men are experts in femininity – because they love it, they need it and they value it. This workshop teaches women how to honor themselves as men see them: beautiful, powerful, essential and magical.”

Alison Armstrong

Creator of the Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power workshop.

Anything as complicated as being female usually comes with an instruction book. Since we weren’t provided a manual to bring out the best in ourselves, we often sabotage our own efforts to be nurtured and empowered.

  • We have needs, but most of us put them aside in deference to the needs of others.
  • We have the life-giving ability to nurture and provide for others, but feel selfish or weak when we’re the ones who need nurturing.
  • Conceptually we want the attention, help and generosity of others, but in the moment are challenged by our own limited ability to receive.
  • When we are available to receive, we can get run-over and not know how to set boundaries with people we care about and don’t want to hurt or offend.
  • Women can become masculine as a result of today’s work environments. Not knowing how and when to switch back into feminine mode can be disastrous to relationships.

Celebrating Women provides the insights, knowledge and tools you need to have your own Queen glowing with energy and power. You’ll leave the workshop with your own operating manual. Since we’re each unique, your manual will contain the information that pertains specifically to living as your best self.

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