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Our Philosophy

Without a doubt, the past fifty years have yielded important advantages in terms of opportunities and choices for women in many arenas. However, another result of our cultural changes is an expectation that men and women are not only equal, but also, the same. Most women expect men to demonstrate traditionally feminine qualities, while women have adopted many masculine ways of being, thinking and acting.

These new expectations and behaviors cause conflict and confusion in all types of relationships. Women want men to be sensitive and emotional while remaining ambitious and protective. On the other hand, we all know successful, self-sufficient, independent women who have been dismayed to discover– and even more reluctant to admit – that they would actually enjoy a good, strong, dependable man. These conflicting desires and expectations have led to the confusion, disappointment and frustration many women feel toward men. Longing for peace and satisfaction ourselves, we began to wonder if there was an alternative for all relationships between women and men.

Through study and real-world application since 1991, Alison Armstrong has developed a new way of relating to men from a profound understanding of the fundamental differences between men and women. Over the last two decades, workshop graduates have proven that men and women can be partners instead of adversaries. By expecting our differences and working with them, we can indeed learn to trust each other, support each other and achieve satisfying relationships.

Discover why Alison Armstrong began her study of men.


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