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Understanding Men Online

30-Day Challenge

Change the life of someone you care about this year.

Gift them with Understanding Men so they can:

  • Get more of what they need from men
  • Know how to effectively communicate with men, so the necessity and desire to nag disappears
  • Find out how they may be unintentionally bringing out the worst in men
  • Respectfully have men share more information and reveal what matters
  • Finally understand how men think, feel, communicate and choose to take action
  • Plus tons more

The fortunate women (and men) who receive your gift have a year to apply their redemption code. Then they have 30 days to complete 15 hours of videos, enjoy group live-interaction calls with Alison, and take their pick of suggestions to enhance their learning and implementation.

Gift Certificate

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“Wow, I am overwhelmed with the content and learnings from this course. I particularily enjoyed the eye-opening or more heart-opening panel with the men. This course is not just helping me to change my relationship with my husband through a new clearer lens, but it is helping to heal my relationship with my dad who passed away over 20 years ago. Thank you Alison for your steadfast diligence in not just studying men, but sharing your insights in such a powerful way. Bless you." ~ Anonymous, Ontario, Canada

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