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Understanding Sex & Intimacy

For Graduates of Understanding Men & Understanding Women

For every woman who wants to feel more desirable and have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex.

And for every man who wants to understand what is really going on with women – and yourself!

You'll see:

  • What sex means to men physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Why and how women consistently misinterpret men's sexual behavior and attitudes, resulting in pre-judgment and poor judgement that ultimately costs what women say they want.
  • How every aspect of being male is expressed in sex, from Single Focus to the Stages of Development, from a man's desire to be a Hero to when men want to make their partners Happy.
  • How to reconcile instinctual male sexuality with your own values and standards.
  • What leads to infidelity so you can prevent it, heal from it, and restore your honor and confidence.
  • The real meaning of pornography individually, and the potential in relationships.

You'll be able to:

  • Honor yourself and experience the sex life of your dreams.
  • Understand how we're effected by sexual trauma and unconscious learnings, and be healed and liberated from anything you are willing to release.
  • Understand what it takes to be in a long-term monogamous relationship with a partner who gives you the satisfaction, care and play that you need to keep the passion alive.

Specifically for Women:

Understanding how men relate to sex will make you more effective with all the men in your life – not just your sexual relationships. Whether you're committed to being a virgin bride or want to recharge a 30-year marriage, or just want to understand why sex is such a big deal, this course will give you more freedom to create and honor your personal sexuality and have men show up as the passionate, intimacy-seeking heroes they are. Understanding Sex & Intimacy is designed to sort your ex-partners into their respective, peace-giving places, to heal the old wounds to your self-esteem, and give you the understanding and tools to have "the best lover you ever had" be in your future, not your past. And you'll be touched and illuminated by what you hear from the panel of men as they express their endearing and often hilarious answers to women's most intimate questions!

“ This course not only put the fun back in the bedroom, it also helped clear out any ghosts under the bed. I appreciate the clean slate for my next romantic encounter.” — Pilisa Connor, Artist

Specifically for Men:

Understanding Sex & Intimacy is a compilation of live workshop recordings and webinar sessions created originally for women. By participating in this online course, you have a unique opportunity to witness what women struggle with regarding male sexuality and their own needs. Understanding how women react to how men instinctively relate to sex will make you more effective with all the women in your life – not just in sexual relationships. It will also empower you to honor yourself and your needs, even when someone else doesn't support them. Men have reported that hearing from the panel of men, as they express their answers to women's most intimate questions, restores their self-confidence and honors who they are regarding sex and intimacy.

“Our culture widely promotes the notion that men are 'misbehaving,' especially in the area of sex. While it makes for a glib explanation, it provides nothing to heal the wounds many women and men have experienced in this area. By finally understanding male sexuality, with compassion and a sense of humor, both partners can get what they need to be self-expressed, self-honoring and satisfied in their sex lives.” — Alison Armstrong

Since so many women have sex and commitment connected, while most men don't,

Alison strongly recommends having these courses together!

Understanding Sex & Intimacy
Understanding Love & Commitment

90 days with both programs for ~ Only $795



Have the online course for 90 Days ~ Only $597




Finish the online course in 30 Days ~ Only $298

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