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The Queen's Code for Relationships ~ Workshop

Discover the source of our struggles to have satisfying, committed partnerships. And change your future!

You'll see:

  • What you need to make sure you can be a Queen in your romantic relationships...instead of a doormat, nag or worse.
  • How we relate to commitment and marriage as women — out of instinct, based on fairy tales and striving for status. See for yourself how that prevents you from picking and keeping partners that bring out the best qualities in you.
  • How we've become the OPPOSITE of what men need to GET married and STAY happily married.

You will learn:

  • The 12 things that make a woman "The Right Person to Marry"
  • Huge differences in how men experience commitment, marriage and the progression of relationships.
  • What you really need to be happy from the false expectations hyped by magazines, movies and maybe, even, your mother or friends.
  • How predictable conflicts become problems if ignored, but when addressed could actually create a structure for love, romance, and fulfillment.
  • How to negotiate deals that make life easier, more fulfilling and fun — and make them stick.

You will be able to:

  • Select more intelligently and efficiently, maximizing your time and energy.
  • Accept your needs and create the relationship of your dreams (not someone else's).
  • Give yourself credit for what you're doing right.
  • Gain the confidence that you have the ability, skills and tools to make a relationship work.
  • Keep the lessons. Leave the pain behind. Renew Hope.

“Until women have grappled with their instinctive and cultural relationship to marriage, we cannot truly be ourselves. Our self-expression will be circumscribed by the need to prove our independence while simultaneously seeking the biggest, strongest, most resourceful adversary to marry. This workshop transforms romantic relationships at their core, providing access to freedom and partnership in many forms.” – Alison Armstrong

The Queen's Code for Relationships

Live Workshop for Women Only!

Lead by our PAX Certified Partners, live workshops can provide the in-person connection, group exercises and concentrated learning and growth.

Register into a 3-Day Women-Only Live Workshop with one payment of $1,195 or 7 monthly payments of $176.

Live Workshop

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