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Being An Extraordinary Woman
The most up-to-date version of what was once called The Queen’s Code for Life / Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™

For Graduates of The Queen’s Code Workshop: Understanding Men Online Course (live or online).

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Men Follow Your Lead. Learn How to Be a Queen and Be Treated as One.

There’s a reason why men think women are complicated – we are! We at PAX have learned that every woman has many, interactive aspects to her femininity. Being An Extraordinary Woman Online Course teaches women to understand, nurture and honor each of these parts of themselves, and have them co-exist in harmony.

Nicknamed the “Queen Course” by graduates, this clarifying and defining workshop shows women how to bring out the best in themselves. It focuses on those regal qualities that allow us to be happy, fulfilled, and admired while bringing energy to those around us.

The qualities of a Queen inspire men to be our heroes and have them be influenced by us. Most importantly, men generously provide what the Queen needs for her vision of how great life can be.

“When I first started studying men, I had no intention of learning about women. But men are experts in femininity – because they love it, they need it and they value it. This workshop teaches women how to honor themselves as men see them: beautiful, powerful, essential and magical.”– Alison Armstrong

Anything as complicated as being female usually comes with an instruction book, but since we weren’t provided an operating manual to be our best selves and perform at the top of our game, we often sabotage our own efforts to be nurtured and empowered.

  • We have needs, but most of us put them aside in deference to the needs of others. We overvalue self-sacrifice and pay dearly for it.
  • We have the life-giving ability to nurture and provide for others, but feel selfish or weak when we’re the ones who need nurturing or help. When we go without, we become resentful and can appear cold and hard.
  • We are challenged by our own limited ability to receive. We say, “No” to show our independence and self-sufficiency, and are left feeling resentful and alone.
  • When we are available to receive, we can get run-over, not knowing how to set boundaries with people we care about and not wanting to hurt or offend. We can feel like a doormat, fearful of being taken advantage of, fearful of getting in trouble, and eventually giving up because we lack the skill and ability to be receptive and self-honoring.
  • Women can become masculine as a result of today’s work and cultural environments. Not knowing how and when to switch back into feminine mode can be disastrous to relationships. Most of us have overdeveloped masculine attributes that leave us feeling unfulfilled and wondering, “Is this all there is?”

Being An Extraordinary Woman Online Course workshop provides the insights, knowledge and tools you need to be the queen that you were born to be...on a throne of your own design. You'll leave the workshop with your own customized operating manual for being your best self.

Want to find out more? Listen to Alison Armstrong talking about The Secrets of Feminine Power.

To listen to the recording online, click on the link below (opens using Windows Media Player or any MP3-compatible player). To download the MP3 file and listen later, right-click the link below.

This recording is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Recorded on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

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“I am so glad I experienced this workshop. I realize it’s about taking care of myself and fully showing up for life. It gave me the tools on how to be great. I can start to create myself. I am excited to do this for myself so I can give back to the world by being the best I can be.” – Ann Callahan, Airline Pilot


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