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The 2017 PAX Mastery & Certification Program...

Registration for 2017 is now closed!

Planned for 2018 Thematic Topic Series

Many Certified and Licensed PMC graduates continue to participate year-after-year, acquiring a new Topic Series each time. To facilitate the planning of multi-year participation, these are the Topic Series we are committing to for 2018.

  • Empowering Men, Joan McClain and Alison Armstrong, Instructors
  • Empowering Women, Adrienne Dworak and Alison Armstrong, Instructors
  • Men, Women and Sex, Wendy Newman, Instructor
  • Parenting in Partnership, Alison Armstrong, Instructor (Pre-requisite: Heart of Partnership certification)

Questions about PAX Mastery and Certification? Listen to this audio recording from Alison:


Overview of 2017 PAX Mastery & Certification


To ensure our education is available to all future generations by empowering committed men and women to teach our material to their co-workers, clients, patients, organizations and communities in a way that transforms the predicament of gender and the challenge of partnership.


  1. Transformational Teaching Skills weekends and Intensives to develop your ability to profoundly alter other people’s perspectives, results, and access to their heart’s desires.
  2. A Thematic Topic Series to focus your leadership skills through learning, researching, implementing and teaching information that excites and inspires you.
  3. Research Journals to collect and organize your investigation into your topics, so that you always teach from personal experience, validation, depth, breadth and ownership.
  4. Demonstration Calls to prove to yourself and PAX that you have the skills and understanding to transform the way others experience your topic, and cause an impact in the quality of their lives.
  5. Optional Coaching to help you navigate the program, clarify the topics, and set you up to succeed with your Research Journals and Demonstration Calls.

Outcomes for Participants:

  • Professional Certification and licensing which permits a wide-range of expressions and enterprises in teaching and contributing our information in partnership with PAX (see individual Topic Series descriptions for a preview of its License Agreement).
  • Coaching Certification which makes a candidate eligible to be hired by PAX to coach our graduates.
  • Leadership skills applicable to all forms of public speaking, teaching and consulting.
  • An expanded sense of self, including a greater ability to risk, to honor oneself, and to interact effectively with challenging individuals and groups.
  • Belonging in a vibrant, supportive community that celebrates each person’s unique style, passions and contribution to a better world.

Q & A Sessions

Questions about the 2017 Mastery Program? Join Alison to get them answered!

Participating in the 2017 Mastery & Certification Program is a lot to think about - an investment of time and money that deserves serious consideration, and we want to give you an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Alison will be leading free one hour Question & Answer sessions for the 2017 Mastery & Certification Program on the dates below.

Please read the program details on this page before the call. Then join Alison and bring your questions and concerns. These sessions tend to be small in size, and give her some flexibility to respond to you personally.

Teleclass Q & A sessions:

Professional Certification

Our most rigorous program, Professional Certification earns you the right to reproduce the material in many formats, depending on the Topic Series, customized to your profession as a consultant, seminar leader, public speaker, therapist, etc. You’ll learn, research, implement, validate and teach a new topic every 5 weeks, integrating the material into your consciousness, your communication, your choices, and your business.

Professional Certification is available in the following Topic Series in 2017:

(see below for 2018 offering)

Regular Tuition including all 4 Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends + the 2-day Professional Intensive, plus the one-time Certification Licensing Fee.

Deposit of $1950 and 11 payments of $745

This rigorous training program requires a significant time, effort and financial commitment. Your tuition includes 2 additional Certification Intensive days with Alison Armstrong which focus on empowering you to have a successful transformational business. See the individual Topic Series for all of the prerequisites and details pertaining to Professional Certification and please read carefully. Thank you!

Coaching Certification

All human beings are capable of compassion. And some have an extraordinary gift. These individuals often make exceptional coaches, expediting the journey for others...

Do you enjoy supporting individuals in the growth, transformation and implementation process? We are developing Coaches for our online program graduates. Successfully completing certification as a Coach makes you eligible for employment by PAX, supporting the men and women participating in our curriculum around the world.

Coaching Certification is available in the following Topic Series in 2017:

(see below for 2018 offering)

Regular Tuition including all 4 Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends + the 3-day Coaching Intensive.

Deposit of $1900 and 11 payments of $545

This rigorous training program requires a significant time, effort and financial commitment. Your Coaching Intensive focuses on training you to provide coaching in the unique process we’ve developed over more than 20 years of coaching. In addition to being certified in the Topic Series of your choice, you must attend and pass the Coaching Intensive to be hired by PAX. For your consideration, PAX Coaches are employees and get paid $85 per hour of coaching completed. Hours are not guaranteed. See the individual Topic Series for all of the prerequisites and details pertaining to Coaching Certification. Thank you!

Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends with Alison Armstrong

Included in both Professional Certification and Coaching Certification

What qualities inspire others to let you into their hearts and minds? Learn and practice skills unique to the genuineness and clarity of communication required to go beyond the transfer of information, and cause transformation!

You'll spend 4 three-day weekends with Alison Armstrong, who has been training transformational leaders and healers since 1982. If you appreciate Alison's method of teaching, she'll give you direct access to your own authentic, engaging stage presence and individual teaching style.

The weekends are rigorous and require full participation, including the preparation of talks and teachings, and two stage appearances each weekend.

Weekend Schedule for the 2017 Program:

Friday: 2 PM - 9 PM. Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM. Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM.

  1. April 7, 8, 9; Dallas, Texas
  2. July 7, 8, 9; Denver, Colorado
  3. October 20, 21,22; Eastern Time Zone TBD*
  4. January 12, 13, 14, 2018; Los Angeles, California

Participation at all weekends is Mandatory for successful completion of the program. You are responsible for your travel, meals and accommodations.

*We will determine the precise city within this time zone according to enrollment. We do this to minimize costs for all participants as much as possible. So far, Eastern Time Zone cities have included Atlanta and New Jersey. We determine the 3rd weekend location after the 2nd PMC Weekend.

Additional Training for Certification Candidates:

  • Coaching Certification Intensive: Friday thru Sunday, March 9, 10, 11, 2018; Location TBD**
  • Professional Certification Intensive: Monday and Tuesday, March 12 & 13, 2018; Location TBD**
**These five consecutive days will be located together to support participants seeking both Professional and Coaching Certification. Successful Professional Certification participants may elect, for an additional fee, to participate at the Coaching Intensive for additional training to use in their profession or as a potential PAX Coach. The precise city will be determined after the 4th PMC weekend, according to enrollment.

Your 2017 Thematic Topic Series

The 2017 Program offers a choice of 4 Topic Series, each containing 8 related topics. To budget your time, plan on a minimum of 6-10 hours per week for each Professional and Coaching Certification Topic Series. The certification base prices includes one Series, but you can register for additional Series.***

Empowering Men - Alison Armstrong and Joan McClain, Instructors

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in men of all ages and in all circumstances. Ideal for parents, managers, executives, salespeople, coaches, educators and everyone who wants to bring the celebration of men to daily life. Professional and Coaching Certification limited to 16 candidates total. More about this series contents and its prerequisites...

Empowering Women - Alison Armstrong, Instructor

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in a woman - whether she is Hunting or Gathering! Created for men and women committed to mastering the New Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women workshop material. Professional and Coaching Certification limited to 12 candidates total. More about this series contents and its prerequisites...

Heart of Partnership - Alison Armstrong, Instructor

Focused on mastery of the Elements of Partnership as taught in The Dance of Partnership and Core Partnership. Provided for graduates of these courses who require partnership to fulfill their dreams, goals and enjoy an expanded quality of life. Professional and Coaching Certification limited to 12 candidates total. Remote Certification limited to 9 candidates. More about this series contents and its prerequisites...

Intentional Dating - Wendy Newman, Instructor

Focused on conscious dating, courtship and partnership-creation. For dating coaches, match-makers, and people committed to intelligent, self-empowering approaches to relationships. Wendy Newman is a senior PAX workshop leader, coach, and author of 121 First Dates. More about this series contents and its prerequisites...

*** Unless you have a significant amount of time and energy available, we recommend completing one entire cycle in your 1st choice series before registering for an additional series, assuming space is still available.

Additional 2017 Program Details for Professional and Coaching Certification

Time Expected: Plan on a minimum of any 6-10 hours per week for each Professional and Coaching Certification series.

Alison's PMC Office Hours: Each Topic Cycle, Alison provides sessions on the Maestro Conference system for participants from all series to “drop-in” and ask questions about their series or the program. She’ll be providing two one-hour Office Hours for Empowering Men, Empowering Women and Intentional Dating combined. This provides clarification and “cross-pollination” between Topic Series. She’ll be providing one dedicated Office Hour, per topic cycle, for Heart of Partnership candidates only.

Topic Cycles for all Participants: Each of the 8 topic cycles are 5 weeks in length. Live Participation is preferred but not required. All calls are recorded and usually available within 48 hours.

  • Week 1. New Topic Call. Each new topic in the series is taught by the Instructor, on the Maestro Conference system. Day and time of calls is listed on the individual Topic Series page.
  • Week 2. Research & Clarification Call. Participants sign up to share the results and findings of the research they conducted with themselves and others on the new topic. Guidelines for research questions are provided at the 1st weekend. The Instructor provides clarification for the understanding, implementation and teaching of the topic.
  • Week 3. Teaching Space, no call. Have fun contributing to others!
  • Week 4. Teaching Adventures Call. Participants sign up to share their challenges and victories in teaching the topic. Trainers coach and clarify to improve your ability to teach the topic. Guidelines and training for conducting your teaching sessions are provided at weekends 1, 2 and 3.
  • Week 4. Research Journals are due. Certification Candidates turn in a 5,000-10,000 word Research Journal by this date. Trainers provide feedback on the Journals by the end of the 5th week, usually in writing, although a few may offer oral reviews. A template for your Research Journal is provided to help you collect information and quotes that will make your teaching of the topic one-of-a-kind.
  • Week 5. Individual Demonstration Calls (no conference call).
    • Certification Candidates provide a 45-minute demonstration of their ability to teach the topic to a volunteer and create an impact. Trainers “pass” or “no pass” the Demonstration, and provide feedback and input for ongoing improvement. Calls are recorded for the participant's benefit.

Individual Coaching Calls are provided for clarification of topics, support in synthesizing of research, formulating teaching agendas, developing audiences, and preparing for Demonstration calls. One optional 25-minute call per topic cycle is included with your choice of our PMC Coaches. Additional calls may be arranged for a fee.

Gold Remote Certification Now Includes a Unique “Tune Up” Weekend and Reunion


After successfully completing the PAX Mastery & Certification program, many PMC Graduates prefer to participate in the entire program again – due to the phenomenal amount of growth available in the Transformational Teaching Skills Weekends, and the quality of the PMC community. We call this “Gold.” The price is the same since all the program components are the same. See the individual Topic Series to register as PMC Gold.


Gold Remote is another option where a successful graduate may acquire more Certification Topics through the conference calls, journals and demonstrations, without attending the weekends. This helps save on time plus tuition, travel and lodging expenses.

However, Alison is always developing new ways to improve our transformational teaching skills. Which means that the newest PMC participants receive her most up-to-date material, often ending up leaps and bounds beyond prior years. To ensure the quality of teaching abilities, Gold Remote now includes a unique “Tune Up” and reunion weekend designed for these participants. In this weekend, participants will engage in the Transformational Teaching Skills Alison has developed throughout that year’s PMC. It’s also an opportunity to reunite with other members of the PAX License and Certification Partner community.

2017 Gold Remote “Tune Up” and Reunion Weekend

November 10, 11 & 12, 2017

  • Friday, 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Gold Remote Professional Certification Regular Tuition

including one Topic Series and the November “Tune Up” Weekend = $7895

Gold Remote Coaching Certification Regular Tuition

including one Topic Series and the November “Tune Up” Weekend = $5645

See the individual Topic Series to register.

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a training program during which ultimate success depends heavily on your efforts, the PAX Mastery & Certification Program is not covered by our 100% Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee policy. We promise the orderly conduct of the weekends and topic cycles as described above. Ultimately the results of the program lie in your willingness and effort in engaging in the opportunities and design of the program.

If you are enrolled in the PAX Points Program, you may apply up to 500 PAX Points toward the Regular tuition for Mastery & Certification Program. This effectively extends the Early Registration Discount period. You can only apply PAX Points one time, and you must have already earned the points when you register for Mastery. To find out more about the PAX Points Program, CLICK HERE.

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