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The Heart of Partnership

Webcast Replay + Online Course

Your tuition includes the Webcast Replay* access September 28, and The Heart of Partnership Online Course – To be Published Spring 2019 with 90 days access

*Webinar Replay is replaying a previously live streamed webinar. There are references in the Replay which refer to the live streamed needs including time of day, breaks, chat usage, etc. The live streamed webinar-specific information will be edited out of the Online Course to be Published Spring 2019, which you will have access to for 90 Days.

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  • Participate in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Get Alison's latest information and most up-to-date answers to common questions.

Important Registration Information

  1. I understand that I will be provided access to The Heart of Partnership Webcast Replay for 30 days, then access to The Heart of Partnership Online Course, when it is released, for 90 days. This will complete delivery of the course.
  2. Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee: I understand that PAX Programs Incorporated offers a 30-day, "Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee." To receive a refund under this guarantee, I must give notice to PAX Programs Customer Care at 800-418-9924 or by the thirtieth calendar day after the date of purchase.
  3. Any bonuses received must be used within 2 years of the date of purchase. The bonuses have no cash redemption value and no refunds will be available with respect to any bonus provided. We reserve the right to substitute a bonus program or product of equal or greater value. If I cancel the purchase for which a bonus is provided, any unused bonuses will be also cancelled, and PAX Programs Incorporated reserves the right to charge the regular rate for all bonuses fulfilled.

Payment Plan:

If you are registering with a Payment Plan:

  1. Your first payment of $233 will be processed TODAY, at the time you complete your registration.
  2. The remaining two (2) payments of $233 will be charged on a 31-day cycle to the same credit card you used when completing your registration.
  3. The total tuition for payment plan registrations into The Heart of Partnership is $699.
  4. If any of your scheduled payments are declined, you will receive a computer-generated email informing you about the declined payment. If you receive such an email, it is your responsibility to contact Customer Care. Until the problem is rectified and the payment plan brought current, you will be automatically transferred out of all programs.

Our Online Programs are designed for each session to be completed in one viewing. This ensures that the new information and skills are learned within the context of the new point-of-view being offered, where they produce the best results.

I understand that clicking a Registration button below signifies that I have read and agree to all of the preceding Registration Information.

Pay in Full

The Heart of Partnership - Replay - PAX Grad Paid In Full   $595.00
The Heart of Partnership - Webinar  
The Heart of Partnership - Online Course To Be Released 2019  

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Payment Plan

The Heart of Partnership - Replay - PAX Grad Payment Plan   $233.00
The Heart of Partnership - Webinar  
The Heart of Partnership - Online Course To Be Released 2019  

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you participate in a PAX workshop and are not satisfied with what the program provided, you will receive 100% of your money back. See details.

Prerequisites for The Heart of Partnership:

Due to the advanced nature of this program, prerequisites are not negotiable. The Webinar Replay will be placed in your account when you purchase it, but won't open until you've completed all the prerequisites. Your 30-day access will begin when you start the Replay.



Graduates of Our Live In-Person Workshops:

  • Since The Heart of Partnership refers to and builds upon Alison's most recent work, you MUST complete the above online courses to participate.
  • In honor of your past participation, we have special packages for you to refresh, update and expand your education.
  • If you attended The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women live workshop, since August of 2015, you may get an exception for the Understanding Women prerequisite.

Contact our Personal Consultants for details at 800.418.9924 ext. 875

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