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The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women Bonus Teleclass
Formerly Understanding Women Follow Up Teleclass

Three one-hour conference call sessions for graduates of The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women Workshop

Bring out the best in the women in your life — starting with you!

The purpose of this 3-session series is to underline all the moments of choice, when a woman (or man who wants her best) can harness female instincts instead of battling or indulging them. This allows her to capture that life-force energy and use it to empower herself and create partnership. The first session focuses on the Gatherer instincts; the second focuses on how to generate feeling Safe; the third focuses on Maternal instincts and Female Sexuality.

Important Information

  • This teleclass consists of 3 one hour conference calls.
  • Information to access your calls will be emailed to you once your registration is complete.
  • Each session includes frequently asked questions, review of key topics plus additional information or applications on that topic, to support you in applying the information in your life over time.
  • All sessions are recorded. Recordings are available online for 30 days after the completion of each teleclass.


No upcoming live workshop sessions are currently scheduled.


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