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Bringing It All Together
with Alison Armstrong

Three one-hour conference call sessions for graduates of ALL of the following workshops:

  • The Queen’s Code Workshop (formerly Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women)
  • The Queen’s Code for Life (formerly Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power)
  • The Queen’s Code for Sex (formerly Celebrating Men & Sex)
  • The Queen’s Code for Relationships (formerly Celebrating Men & Marriage)
  • The Queen’s Code Challenge: Understanding Women (formerly Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery)

Complete your Queen’s Code journey with Alison!

Ever wonder how the pieces fit together? Alison leads an intimate, 3-session series that gives you a concise and illuminating review of the topics and skills taught in The Queen’s Code Workshop and the graduate-level programs. Meanwhile, she connects all the dots back to you being a Queen. There are opportunities to ask questions, get clarification, give yourself credit for your growth, and create a new relationship to all the information you acquired in your journey through the Queen’s Code curriculum. As you connect all the material to being a Queen, Alison gets to connect with you.

Important Information

  • This teleclass consists of 3 one-hour conference calls.
  • Registration is limited to 35 participants.
  • Information to access your calls will be emailed to you once your registration is complete.
  • All sessions are recorded. Recordings are available online for 30 days after the completion of each teleclass.


No upcoming live workshop sessions are currently scheduled.

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