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Welcome to Understanding Sex & Intimacy!

We're glad you're inspired to understand what sex means mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Graduates report that their new understanding creates renewed freedom, play and intimacy.

Due to the advanced nature of the content, please carefully read and plan to fulfill your part of qualifying for this experience. Let us know if you need anything, including packages to complete your Prerequisites. We want you to be well-informed and supported in participating!

Important Registration Information

  1. The content in this program is best absorbed and implemented by people who are graduates of both Understanding Men and Understanding Women.
  2. Currently, you are only required to complete Understanding Men for this online course to activate.
  3. Our Online Programs are designed for each session to be completed in one viewing. This ensures that the new information and skills are learned within the context of the new point-of-view being offered, where they produce the best results.

 I understand that clicking a Registration button below signifies that I have read and agree to all of the preceding Registration Information.

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