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Understanding Women

For Graduates of Understanding Men
(Also available to PAX Graduates of The Queen's Code Workshop and Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®)

WOMEN: Cavewoman or Queen? What Determines Which One You’re Being?

Understanding Women addresses the biggest challenges women have — female instincts. To be brilliant, you need to honor your natural needs and tendencies. To be powerful, you need to be aware and vulnerable. Learn how to work with our dual natures — your instincts and your spirit — instead of against them.

“With all the effort you’ve put into understanding men to bring out the best in them, you deserve the same. Learn how to work with your instincts, capturing the tremendous energy within them. Stop letting others invalidate what’s natural and normal for women or thinking there’s something wrong with you. And when men see women for who we really are — instead of a softer, more lovely, scattered, emotionally-indulgent man — it’s much easier for everyone to get what they need.” – Alison Armstrong

As a WOMAN, You’ll Learn:

  • How women’s brains process what we see, hear and feel, explaining everything from how we shop to why we cry.
  • What motivates women to act, react, interrupt and multitask — it’s automatic and habitual but controllable and manageable.
  • The feminine purpose for speaking that causes chatter — and all those details — and how to use this compulsion to create understanding.
  • To listen to women to create safety, connection, peace and space, giving her the ability to be gracious, patient, trusting and kind.
  • How women instinctively relate to sex and what they need to have it, enjoy it and climax, so that sex is a joy instead of a chore, burden or duty.
  • Why the biology of female reproduction effects our drives to find a partner, have children, nurture others, and even stop nurturing others.
  • What it means to be a feelings-based organism; how feelings are the source of our magic and what to do when they’ve been terribly hurt.
  • And much, much more!

This is the Female Counter-Part of Understanding Men

You will hear and see your key characteristics explained in the same humorous, compassionate and life-altering way. The result is being able to catch instinct at work, treat yourself with compassion, and have the opportunity to choose a more conscious and fulfilling way to live. It will make you more effective with yourself and all the women in your life.


Have the online course for 90 Days ~ Only $797




Finish the online course for in 30 Days ~ Only $598

“It is possible to make sense of these seemingly unpredictable, frustrating, magical and necessary creatures called Women. It just takes someone knowing how to translate the female operating system into the very different male operating system. I had studied men for over a decade before I was qualified to do this. I’m proud to say, by all accounts, the results are spectacular: illuminating, healing, liberating and empowering. You can honor yourself and be successful with women.” – Alison Armstrong

MEN: Understanding the Women in Your Life is the Key to more Fun, Intimate and Satisfying relationships.

Understanding Women addresses one of the biggest challenges men have – female instincts. You don’t get the warmth and wonder of women without honoring the rest of the package. And it’s a complicated package!

This online course is for any man who wants to understand why women do what they do. With the unique perspective and information this workshop offers, your frustrations will be transformed into opportunities for compassion, humor and effective resolutions. Be more successful with women, learn how to bring the best out in them, and discover how to stay out of those trouble spots!

As a MAN, You Will Learn:

  • The tremendous differences in how women think, process information and are motivated to act.
  • How to support a woman when she’s overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • Why women speak and listen the way they do — and how to get what you need.
  • How to turn all the chatter and endless details into productivity and intimacy.
  • What her feelings really are to her, how to honor them, and how you hurt them when you don’t mean to.
  • How to save both of you from the rampaging Rage Monster, turning disaster into victory.
  • The simple things that spell Romance for women and create intimacy.
  • How women relate to sex and what they need to have it, enjoy it and climax.
  • How to deal with a person who cares more about feelings than facts and logic.
  • And much more!



I WANT IT ALL is a series of 4 courses, all equally important. While Understanding Women will forever alter how you see your part of relationships, our customers experience the best results when all 4 courses are completed.


Or call a Personal Consultant ~ They'll help you find what's just right for you!

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The Queen's Code Challenge: Understanding Women

Come on your own or Bring a man, Any Man!

You can register for this workshop with your boyfriend, live-in partner, husband, sons, brothers, fathers and male business colleagues. It’s worth bringing any man who has a vested interest in you being your best self instead of your cavewoman. They’ll have more compassion, appreciate your courage and caring, and gain real tools and techniques for supporting you, romancing you and empowering you. Be advised: Sunday includes a colorful R-rated Female Sexuality segment that covers everything from what women need to have Orgasms to how to keep E.D. from defeating your sex life.

Register into a 2-Day Co-Ed Live Workshop with one payment of $795 or 7 monthly payments of $117.

Live Workshop

Receive the following Bonuses:

~ 30 Minutes Private Coaching ~ $62 Value!
~ Three-Session Recorded Teleclass expanding upon what you learned ~ $125 Value!

“The F(eelings) Word & The Dragon in Understanding Women was extremely helpful. It brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on all the arguments I have experienced with my wife over and over again. The Rage monster came out and I didn't know how to handle it. It almost split us up. I wish I knew this in the beginning of our relationship.” — Anonymous, Burnaby

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