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Workshops - For Men (Men Only)

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Our workshops are lively, fun, often hilarious, and designed with deep transformation and immediate impact as a priority. You’ll leave with new perspectives and new tools, and leave behind old wounds and the residue of failure and frustration. Whether you’re new to Alison’s work, or have read and listened to everything, this is the place to begin your workshop journey.
The Very First PAX Programs Workshop Especially for Men! Based on Alison Armstrong's twenty-year study of men and women, A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man is an opportunity to understand what drives you towards your goals or away from them, towards your greatest Self or away from it. Participation in this workshop will leave you empowered as a man in both your triumphs and your most vulnerable moments.
Graduate Programs
Because both the information and the process of transformation build throughout our curriculum, prerequisites are non-negotiable. Click on program icons or titles for details.
Four 1-hour sessions provide a valuable review of key course topics, plus additional information that will help you continue to develop mastery of the tools provided in the workshop. For Graduates of A Hero's Challenge: Being An Extraordinary Man ONLY.
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