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Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs have prerequisites. Click on program titles in the list below for more detailed information.


PAX World Tour

We're moving to Dallas for 2018

If you enjoy the leading, creative edge, join Alison for this annual graduate co-ed event and reunion April 7 & 8, 2018. Details for this program will be published in January, 2018.


The Dance of Partnership

Are you up to big things? More than you can accomplish on your own? Are you ever accused of being intense? Or do you get run over? Join Alison as she brings the phenomenal distinctions from Core Partnership (the “Horse Course”) to the city! With three simple moves, you can use partner dancing to transform your romantic, work and family relationships.


Core Partnership in Canada!

Imagine an extraordinary four days with a small group of women and men, where you align your heart's desires and your will, with an expanded ability to communicate clearly and powerfully in partnership. This intimate and life-altering course with Alison Armstrong, Cindy Sawatzky, and a team of specially trained horses, is dedicated to PAX graduates with a desire to make and fulfill big commitments to their relationships, families, communities or organizations.


The 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification Program Begins in January!

The 2018 PAX Mastery & Certification program will be the last time we offer the extraordinary license privileges this program makes possible.

If you're passionate about our information and love teaching and coaching, this rigorous training program will equip you to cause transformation professionally as an independent coach, consultant, program leader, therapist or other professional practice.


Extreme Queen

Our Most Advanced workshop for Women

The challenge for women is to profoundly express their spiritual nature in an inherently physical paradigm: Earth. This intimate weekend will teach you to embrace your physical beauty and the feminine powers of creation and destruction. It is a multi-sensory collaboration of queens that blows up competition between women and expands your ability to manifest your will in every area of life. Are you ready to take the Queen to an entirely new level?


Extreme Freedom

Freedom is accessible for everyone who wants it. But YOU have to claim it. If you're WILLING to be healed, healing is yours, especially with the right tools. When we are hurt, dishonored, or disrespected, it can cause us to withdraw to protect ourselves. The distance can cause our partners to feel insecure or worry about the relationship. Mental and emotional pain and suffering from our past affects our current and future relationships, and can prevent us from being HAPPY and Prosperous. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER!

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