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Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie with Alison Armstrong
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2 Hours and 45 Minutes of Downloadable Audio in MP3 Format

Most people hate being lied to - especially because then we have to wonder "What's real?" and "How can I trust this person?"
But what if we cause people to lie? And what if we can inspire more honesty?

Shed light on this touchy topic that impacts all of our relationships.

Lying is as old as the hills. Everybody does it; even if they think they don't. And almost everyone hates being told a lie or being allowed to believe a lie. There are bold-faced lies, exaggeration lies, white lies, lies by omission, false-advertising, and promises that become lies. Most lies are an expression of Human Animal's fear, sense of scarcity, need for approval, self-protection and striving for status. Is lying ever an expression of Human Spirit?

By listening to this recording, you will learn:

  • The differences in why men and women lie
  • How to create the space for honesty and open communication
  • How to interact with lying in a way that restores partnership
Why Men Lie, Why Women Lie - Audio Download
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