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Making Sense of Men
A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men

Step into the world of Alison Armstrong…

…where love, care and attention from men are normal and relied upon—and a way of life available for every woman. Do you have to sell your soul? Not even close.

This book can be your guide, an unexpected friend, even a prophecy for your future. Funny, information-packed text, illustrative charts and enlightening side-bars will deliver priceless insights into men, their motivations and their inspirations.

Making Sense of Men will teach you:

  • Why men pursue some women for sex and others for heart-felt relationships
  • How to tell when a man is emotionally involved
  • How to inspire generosity and attentiveness in all men
  • How you can be strong and successful—without discouraging men

Finally the information previously available only at the live seminar is now here in print, complete with anecdotes and additional information from Alison Armstrong.

“Alison's book not only invites us inside the minds and hearts of men, it also shows us how to bring forth the greatest aspects of being a woman. This seer-like information is written with clarity, humor and no-nonsense. Alison cuts through the brush and points us toward embracing our innate, feminine and magnetic qualities, allowing us to see the powers we wield as women. So grateful to her.”

Alanis Morissette

Singer and Songwriter

from Making Sense of Men

...One of the questions a panel of men answered was: What is it about bottoms?

The men responded to the question for about ten minutes! They described all the different kinds of bottoms there are. They said, “Well, you know, there are firm bottoms and jiggley bottoms and wide bottoms and flat bottoms, and bottoms with more bottom on the top than on the bottom.”

I’d never noticed there were so many kinds of bottoms. And I was wondering: What kind of bottom do I have? Because you never really know what it looks like back there, right?

Then the oldest of the men summed it up. He said: “What it comes down to is this: no matter the shape of your bottom, some guy is diggin’ on it!”

from Making Sense of Men

Making Sense of Men is a non-fiction book approximately 80 pages in length and is available in eBook only.

Making Sense of Men
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Making Sense of Men is also available for your Kindle or Nook!


Making Sense of Men cover illustration © 2007 Roxana Villa www.roxanavilla.com

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