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Healing Your Heart, Restoring Your Honor
2 Hours and 45 Minutes Audio Recording MP3s of a Live Program
Plus accompanying PDF handouts

When a woman's feelings are hurt and never healed, she withdraws from life, love (and usually sex) bit by bit. When the masculine, in a woman or man, is dishonored it creates a compelling need to prove something that is never satisfied. Both injuries to the masculine and feminine can create insatiable needs ~ for approval, attention, love, sex, even food. These insatiable needs can “hijack” your life. Noble Healing has the ability to fill in those places in our hearts and souls, and completely heal the wounds we carry. The result: an open space to be yourself, free from proving and self-protection. Your life can return to being a natural, unfolding expression of your essence, your beauty and your genius.

By listening to this recording, you will:

  • Learn the skill of Noble Healing for the freedom of yourself and others
  • Discover your own strength and resilience — the power of your will can overcome any injury with Noble Healing

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