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The Cure for Complaining
2 Hours and 45 Minutes of Downloadable Audio in MP3 Format

Did you know that complaining about something is the sure fire way to make sure a man does nothing about it?
Did you know that hearing complaints from a loved one feels like the enemy is inside the castle?
Did you know that by simply shifting how you express something, you could get what you need while never complaining?

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You Might Urgently Need The Cure for Complaining

Imagine being able to stop your own complaints in your throat before they pop out and damage your relationship, and instead getting the result you want. Imagine being able to diffuse other people's complaints — especially the ones you hear again and again and again...

By listening to this recording, you will learn:

  • How complaining kills both sexual attraction and being charmed and enchanted
  • How to use other peoples' complaints as keys to understanding them, empowering them and appreciating them
  • How to cure your own tendency to complain and act powerfully instead
The Cure for Complaining
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