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Get the Life-Altering Skills, Tools, and Insights
to Bring Your Dream Relationships to Life

For Graduates of Understanding Men
(Also available to PAX Graduates of The Queen's Code Workshop and Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®)

We have repackaged our programs to better serve our customers and your transformation. See our new Curriculum pages.

If you have become attached to the I Want It All package, please call a Personal Consultant immediately as it's only available for a limited time. 1-800-418-9924 x 8


Gives you the Ability to Get MORE of What You Want with Men

More Love

More Attention

More Commitment

More Passion

More Admiration

And MORE of what you Need to be Happy!

Learn from All Four of these Powerful Online Programs:

• Have men listen to you, even when you’re upset.

• Find out the point of our details.

• Stop procrastination, by discovering what’s really happening!

• Understand female sexuality including why sex can seem like work, and what to do for different sex drives.

• Prevent “the Rage Monster” from ruining relationships, by healing hurt feelings and disrespect.

• Have more freedom, satisfaction and fun with sex!

• Know when, where and how to express your own sexual needs in a way that men want to provide it.

• Understand the real causes of infidelity, and have confidence in your ability to prevent it, deal with it, and heal from it.

• Don't waste valuable time with the wrong men by figuring out exactly what qualities you need and behaviors you can’t live without.

• Find out the 12 things that make a woman "the Right Person," inspiring a man to go from zero to a life-time commitment.

• Leave with the day-to-day most effective long-term tools to keep love alive.

• Learn exactly how to express your needs without being “needy.”

• Stop sacrificing and contorting yourself for others, including your own “Ideal Woman.”

• Through healthy boundaries, end exhaustion and burnout.

• Have more compassion for yourself and get more generosity from men.

Getting MORE of EVERYTHING You Need from Men in EVERY Context.

Available for a limited time, only through a Personal Consultant

Need Help or Have Questions?

Our Personal Consultants are happy to answer questions and help you make the wisest decision for you:

Toll Free: 800.418.9924 ext. 875 (International: 720.935.0665) or email: Consultant@understandmen.com

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"I had many boyfriends in my 20s and 30s and couldn't figure out why I was having trouble staying in a long-term relationship. All of the courses helped me slightly shift my perspective, and would you believe it?  I met my husband the very week I took my first class - at the age of 40.  I can't believe we've been married for almost 4 years now!" - Ellen R.

"I finally found something I want to shout from the rooftops! I wish we all had this knowledge. Suddenly, change and joy seemed possible, even easy. It doesn't have to be a fight! I didn't know men see me as so beautiful, that I am such a gift to them. I didn't know men are so loving, deep, and beautiful. Such profound healing- the fundamental permission to be who I am." - Kerry P.

"One year in after my package at PAX, not only is my marriage saved, but I have so much hope and excitement to build a new foundation in my marriage with my husband. Thank you!  The tools you provide are life changing and I feel a new zest for life now. Men Panels rock!" - Alice W.

"These courses have been so eye-opening for me. So many light bulbs went off and helped me understand the actions of all the men in my life- from my father, brother, and nephews, to the man I'm currently dating, and even past relationships. After 7 years of not being in a relationship at all, I am engaged only 1 year after my first workshop!!!" - Janine M.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

There's a reason people rave about our programs. No risk to finding out why!

30-Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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