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"Keeping The Peace" Articles

Men – Superficial or Super Perceptive?

The facts may be that we, as women, may have been superficial in our own understanding of what men see when they look at us. Rather than being superficial, it appears that men are super-perceptive.

The Temptress Fire, Don't Extinguish It

When a woman expresses the playful aspect of her femininity (without the sensual or sexual), everyone is invited to participate. This quality is very charming, like a magical spell that makes life more fun for all.

Gather Round the Mother Hearth

Women are fortunate to often have many friends with Mother qualities and I believe we take them for granted. We don’t fully appreciate that nurturing is a distinctly feminine capacity and few men can count on receiving it from their male friends.

Long Live the Queen

The Queen includes the qualities of vision and purpose for her life. She is generous and serene. Perhaps most importantly, she has an enormous capacity to receive. She is influential and powerful in a uniquely feminine way.

Averting Valentine’s Day Disaster!

For too many people, Valentine’s Day has become the antithesis of romance. The way it is played out results in a disaster for men, women, love, romance and relationships.

Learning About Men From Men

By learning how to listen to men, and practicing creating the kind of environment in which men really open up and express themselves, you can hear extraordinary things from the men in your life.

Do All Your Princes Turn Into Frogs?

What is it that causes “the man of our dreams” to become our “worst nightmare?” Alison Armstrong relates her own experience as a woman whose magic wand went awry.

Searching for Intimacy in a Box of Chocolates

What do women really want for Valentine’s Day? What women crave, maybe more than chocolate, is Intimacy. Connection. Closeness. Discover the door to intimacy with the men in your life. Create the opening for men to be available, mentally and emotionally.

Never Be Ignored by a Man Again

Over a decade ago, we began studying men with this question: What if men are responding to women? This newsletter is about one of the ways men are definitely not responding to women. This will bring relief from thinking you could have or should have done something differently.

Ending the War Between the Sexes, Personally

In 1991, I took a deep breath and said, “Okay. I’ll stop. I won’t emasculate men.” That was the end of the war between the sexes for me.

Where to Draw the Line

One of the most difficult things for women to do is to draw boundaries and keep them in place. We’ll experience upset, irritation and even anger at a particular behavior, but often do nothing to put a stop to it.

Newsflash: St. Valentine Sworn Enemy of Romance

Men love romance. They love being romantic. They love women being romantic with them. But the essence, the source, the lifeblood of romance is spontaneity. On Valentine’s Day men are expected to deliver their romantic product at the appointed hour, regardless of mood, energy, resources or inclination.

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