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Maximize Your Strengths. Minimize Your Weaknesses.

Be the Best Version of You in Any Circumstance.

You'll Learn...

  • How human instincts cause you to give away your power at home and in the workplace.
  • What brings out the worst in you and how to prevent it, deal with it, and recover from it.
  • How to ask for and receive what you need the most sustainably, including time, space, peace, support and sex.
  • How to prioritize what causes you to be the qualities you most value and admire in yourself or others.

“A man must be clear about who he is and what he needs before he engages with anyone. As you honor yourself, so will others honor you.” — Alison Armstrong

Based on Alison Armstrong's study of men since 1991, Being an Extraordinary Man is an opportunity to understand what drives you towards your goals or away from them, towards your greatest self or away from it. Participation will leave you empowered as a man in both your triumphs and your most vulnerable moments.

In this program you'll develop a deeper clarity and respect for yourself as a man. You will acquire practical skills and tools for immediate use. You will have access to being a hero in your day-to-day life.


Enjoy the many advantages of this ONLINE curriculum

  • Learn in the most important location – Yours!
  • Pause, rewind and replay approximately 10 hours of engaging videos to maximize your learning style
  • Use the fun and challenging prompts to more deeply absorb and apply the information in each video session
  • Watch the program over and over as many times as you like during the time period you select
  • Provide and receive Private Facebook Group support

Need Help or Have Questions?

Our Personal Consultants are happy to answer questions and help you make the wisest decision for you:

Toll Free: 800.418.9924 ext. 875 (International: 720.935.0665) or email: Consultant@understandmen.com

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