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Community Connections

Click on your skyline to see what your community is up to already. Many have free teachings, social events and more!

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PAX Community Connects Program

Empowering partnership through connection, education & leadership


PAX Community Connects expands the reach and increases the velocity with which the mission of PAX is fulfilled. We support individuals in altering the culture of their community through engagement in our paradigms, principles, and teachings. We educate, develop, and empower individuals to provide community leadership based in partnership. We connect PAX community leaders for inspiration, collaboration, celebration, and wisdom. We accomplish this in the spirit of generosity, with partnership, service, integrity, love, vitality, and fun.

Click Here to view the PAX Community Connects Program Source Documents.

Click Below to listen to an introduction led by Alison Armstrong and Susan Jensen.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about PAX Community Connects (PCC). If you share our vision and would like to participate, please indicate your level of interest by completing the form below.

PAX Community Connects Interest Form
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 Community Member. Participate in the activities generated by the PCC in your community.
 Team Member. Participate in generating community activities.
 Team Leader. Lead a team in generating activities. Be part of the Community Leadership.
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