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What would you do to have The Queen’s Code Workshop in your city?

Imagine having this extraordinary, life-altering experience in your community...

Sponsoring The Queen’s Code Workshop (formerly Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®) in your community is an opportunity to transform your relationships to all men – and to profoundly alter the lives of the women that matter most to you.

There are 4 steps in the process of bringing The Queen’s Code Workshop to your community:

  • Commit to making the workshop happen by becoming its sponsor.
  • Collaborate with your friends and family to create a team to fill a workshop in your city. We will provide the training and tools to support you in building your team and having women register.
  • Communicate with the women in your community who will benefit from having the information the workshop provides.
  • Celebrate your success!
  1. 1. Commit

    Each By Request workshop requires a Sponsor – someone willing to commit themselves to making the workshop happen.

    It’s a big game and the rewards to your community will be worth it. Before jumping in, ask yourself if you’re willing to work to produce the result.

    • As the Sponsor, you will be responsible for recruiting a team of 7-10 people to help fill the workshop.
    • You and your team will be trained and supported with weekly calls by our VP of Sales and Marketing, Adrienne Dworak. The calls are not mandatory but highly recommended. They will be recorded for the team members who can't be on live.
    • We also have weekly calls on Tuesday nights for all PAX Communities that you and your team can join to train you in all the pieces of building your community. We have all the recordings, documents, and resources from our past calls you will have access to.
    • As the Sponsor, you will be in communication with Adrienne at least once per week.
    • The first step is filling out the By Request Sponsor application (see link below). Your interview with Adrienne will help you determine if you’re ready to go for it.

  2. 2. Collaborate

    After you submit your completed application, Adrienne Dworak will contact you for a phone interview to determine that sponsoring a By Request workshop is a fit. That interview will include a conversation about who you want on your team and what to say to recruit them.

    • Then, you're ready to begin recruiting a team of 7-10 women and men. They can be PAX graduates or new to PAX.
    • You and your team members will create a plan with Adrienne for filling your workshop. The plan may include individual registration conversations, tele~classes, home parties and utilizing our recorded tele~intro. Your team will be trained and supported by Adrienne throughout the process.
    • Everyone on the Sponsor Team will be encouraged to sign up for our Affiliate Program to receive $75 for each regular priced registration they create. This commission helps cover expenses your team members might incur in promoting the workshop.
    • In addition to registering participants, the Sponsor Team is asked to help cause the workshop as follows:
      • Identifying potential locations for the workshop in your city.
      • Volunteering at the workshop. Volunteers are female team members who are graduates of The Queen’s Code Workshop/Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women. Four or five volunteers are required and the Sponsor Team may be asked to help coordinate the Volunteer Team.
      • Identifying candidates for the Sunday Panel of Men.
  3. 3. Communicate

    Adrienne will train your team in communicating about the workshop and completing registrations on our website.

    • When your training is complete, you’re ready to fill your workshop!
    • Each team member needs to be accountable for registering 5-7 women into the workshop.
    • For the workshop to happen there must be 35 registrations by the Wednesday six weeks prior to the workshop. If you have less than 35 registrations, the workshop will be cancelled and all paid tuitions refunded.
  4. 4. Celebrate

    The Queen’s Code By Request Workshops are alike in every way to our regular public workshops. The difference: The hard work of your team results in our workshop coming to you!

    Just imagine the difference having 40, 50, 100 or more graduates of The Queen’s Code Workshop will make in your community. Congratulations – you and your team made that happen!

Ready to apply to become a By Request Workshop Sponsor?

Click here to complete the application.

About the Workshop:

Click for more information about The Queen’s Code Workshop.

Sound like a lot of work?

IT IS! It might be easier to attend a workshop from our current schedule. Women regularly fly cross country (and across the Atlantic and the Pacific) to do The Queen’s Code Workshop and find it well worth their while.

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