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Do you love telling people about PAX workshops and products and how they have changed your life? Interested in earning money doing something you already enjoy? Join our Affiliate Program.

Who It’s For

If you fit the description, our affiliate program may be for you:

  • Do you go the extra mile to ensure the people in your life transform their lives?
  • Do you have an Internet-based network and database?
  • Are you a social networker? Do you have lots of Facebook friends and Twitter followers?
  • Do you enjoy making word-of-mouth referrals?
  • Are willing to be openly appreciated with a commission?


  • It’s FREE to join! You just need to be a customer who has purchased a product, teleclass, workshop or the Queens Code ebook at After you have purchased something and are a customer in our system, go to “Click Here to Sign Up Now” below to join.
  • When you are approved, you will get a ShareASale ID number that you will use for your links.
  • When the people you refer make purchases by clicking on your link, selecting your name from our "How did you hear about us" dropdown, or letting us know they were referred by you, we pay you commissions.
  • Our affiliate program is powered by, and you will join the ShareASale affiliate network.

How to Promote

As a graduate or customer, you recognize how quickly, effectively and fun it is to learn about the opposite sex and to create satisfying relationships with them. Everything we offer makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Here are some ways to promote us to your network:

  • Include your Affiliate link in our customized emails and send them to your database of friends, family, and clients.
  • Post your link on your website, Facebook page, include it in your Tweets, or other social media.
  • If you prefer telling people about our courses, tell them to let us know you referred them when they make purchases.

Commissions You’ll Earn

Affiliates earn commissions for transactions made on the website or generated at live events.

EARN $75 COMMISSION on registrations from new, non-discounted, 1st time customers into these programs:
Understanding Men (formerly The Queen’s Code Workshop / Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®)
The Hero’s Challenge Workshop®
Men into Understanding Women (formerly: The Queen’s Code Challenge)
EARN 10% COMMISSION on these products:
Books, CDs & DVDs
Celebrating Love – CD
In Sync With the Opposite Sex – CD Set
Celebrating Partnership with Alison Armstrong™ - CD Set and Workbooks
Keys to the Kingdom – On Book and Audio CD
Making Sense of Men: A Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men™ – Book
Understanding Women: Unlock The Mystery™ – DVD or CD
The Amazing Development of Men™ – CD
The Amazing Development of Men™ Expanded 2nd Edition – CD
The Queen's Code eBook - Affiliates earn a $1 commission on all Queen's Code


Commission Payments

Commissions for workshops paid via payment plans are paid in increments. For example, a workshop payment plan of 7 payments will be paid to you in 7 increments of $10.71 ($10.71 x 7 = $75).

ShareASale issues payments on the 20th of each month. Payments are made to affiliates who have earned a $50 minimum BEFORE the end of the previous month. For example, if you earn $50 by the end of June, you will be paid those commissions on July 20. If your balance is less than $50, it is carried over until you reach at least $50.


If your referral defaults on a payment or requests a refund, and you were paid a commission for that transaction, we will void your commission or deduct the commission from your next payout. .

Certain Restrictions Apply

Registrations paid with PAX Points, gift certificates or discount coupons are not eligible for commissions. Products purchased at highly discounted prices (e.g. staff, Mastery & Certification Program, etc) are not eligible for commissions. You will get commissions until they become an Affiliate themselves or they give us someone else's name.

Sign Up Now

STEP 1: The first step to becoming an Alison Armstrong / PAX Programs Affiliate is to first be a customer. Purchase a product, teleclass, or course from Or you can purchase the Queens Code ebook for $14.95 at

STEP 2: After you have purchased something and you have a login / password for or, then join the ShareASale Affiliate Network using our sign up page below. The process is simple, only takes a few minutes and is FREE.

ShareASale's Affiliate Agreement requires affiliates to have fully live and content rich websites in English.

ShareASale's agreement says you can use personal social media pages / profiles - simply paste the link to your Facebook or Instagram page into the website box when you apply.

Many affiliates also use free programs to create sites such as Weebly and

STEP 3: Once your Affiliate application has been approved by ShareASale, you must log in to your ShareASale account and select PAX Programs as a merchant:

    Go To "Merchants" and enter "PAX Programs" in the search box
  • Click "Join Program"

Your application will be sent to us to verify you are a customer and approve your application to be a PAX Affiliate. You will then be added to our "How did you hear about us" dropdown

Click Here To Sign Up Now:


Earning Commissions for Past Sales

Your customer MUST use your link or select your name from the drop down menu. If your customer’s transaction is not credited to your Affiliate ID, you can notify us within 60 days of their registration or purchase and we would be happy to make sure you get the credit due.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to


Thank you for recommending Alison Armstrong's work!

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