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Get Involved

We are a mission-driven organization and we're out to transform the culture. If you're willing, your participation in our programs and with our products will change the way you see the world. That naturally creates the desire to share the wisdom, give and receive support, and spend time with like-minded individuals.

Affiliate Program

We believe in “Share the Wisdom, Share the Wealth.” Join our Affiliate Program to be appreciated with $$ every time your efforts result in another man or woman participating with us.

Bulletin Board

Participants in our programs can coordinate rides and share hotel rooms.

Our online membership program provides opportunities to engage with Alison and other graduates as you navigate those critical moments when you can do what you’ve always done – or choose partnership. Come see what we’ve got for you!

Community Connections

Teams of like-minded and like-hearted individuals have created potent community groups to cause the transformation of their cities. They sponsor events, hang out together and support each other in using what they’ve learned. Don’t see yours listed? We have extensive training and support available to start your own.

PAX Points Program

We have our own currency to express appreciation for the generous volunteers who contribute their love and labor to our workshops. PAX Points can be exchanged for workshop discounts or given away to support others.


Whether you want to give back, get your tanks filled by being in the environment, or want to explore a future with our organization, volunteering in our workshops is challenging and fun.

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