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Help for our Online Programs

Thank you for participating in our online curriculum! We are thrilled to be making our transformational curriculum available in the most important location – YOURS!

To Access your Online Course:

  • Login to your account at https://understandmen.com/login.php
    • (Click Forgot Username or Forgot Password if you don’t remember)
  • On the My Account screen, select “Access the Online Courses I’ve Purchased”
  • Select "What a Man Needs Most from a Woman"
  • On the first page, scroll down to read, agree, and sign the “Well-Being Statement,” “Confidentiality Agreement,” and “Private Use of Notes” and click “Submit.”
  • From the Table Of Contents page, scroll to the bottom, and click “Next” to start “Session 1” and begin!

Tips for Best Possible Webinar Experience:

If you are having trouble watching the videos, make sure you:

  • Close other applications and browser tabs on your computer.
  • Have a good internet connection (speed below). Plug in your wired internet ethernet connection, if possible.
  • Use the latest version of your browser: (Chrome / Safari / Firefox / Opera / Internet Explorer)
  • Encourage other people who are on the same internet connection to refrain from downloading large files or streaming video (like Netflix).

Internet Download Speed:

  • The quality of your video depends upon your Internet Connection Download Speed. The minimum download speed required is 1 megabytes per second (Mbps). To find out your download speed, click on “Go!” at this link: http://www.speedtest.net/
  • If you’re experiencing excessive buffering during playback, it’s probably because your Internet connection cannot support continuous playback of the selected video quality. Switch to “Auto” in the quality menu if available in your browser. This will allow the player to select the best quality video file to stream. If “Auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.

Video Buffering / Pausing / Stopping:

Frequent buffering can occur when the viewer's Internet bandwidth does not support playback of the selected video quality. It can also happen when there is fluctuations in the viewer's internet Internet Service Provider. This can happen during peak usage times.

Try the following to reduce buffering/pausing while playing the video:

  • Switch to "Auto" in the quality menu, if available, in your browser.
  • If "Auto" is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.
  • Close extra browser tabs or other applications that may be using extra bandwidth.
  • Click the "HD" in the bottom right of the video. Change it to a lower resolution.


The program is available to watch at your own pace and as many times as you like! You can pause and rewind at your pleasure. You will have access to the eCourse from the day you got the "Access" email. Please contact Customer Care (CustomerCare@understandmen.com) if you need more time to complete the program.

Tech Support:

If your technical issues continue, please email help@understandmen.com.
Include in your email:

  • A detailed description of the difficulty
  • Your operating system
  • Your speedtest.net results
  • And a screenshot of your problem

We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

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