Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®

A Two Day Workshop for Women


  • Getting what you most need and desire from men
  • Appreciating men and yourself more
  • Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them
  • Your relationships with men are transformed forever

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women is your source for understanding men and all the extraordinary results that makes possible. An intimate workshop designed specifically for women to allow over 20 fascinating topics to be absorbed beyond the conceptual level and integrated into your life.

“Thousands of women speak of their lives in terms of ‘before Celebrating Men’ and ‘after Celebrating Men’ – and so do their men. It is a privilege to have touched so many courageous women this deeply.”

Alison Armstrong

Creator of the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop.

Is Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® for you?


Lookin' for a Man?

You will learn how to...

  • Become a man magnet
  • Avoid the common mistakes women make with men

Our graduates report...

  • More dates with a wider variety of men

"At 66 years old, shortly after Celebrating Men, I met the man who would become my 1st boyfriend in 15 years!"

Virginia B., MFC
Therapist & Life Coach - Los Angeles, CA


Livin' with a Man?

You will learn how to...

  • Get what you need from men
  • Love men for their differences, not in spite of them

Our graduates report...

  • Couples fall in love all over again
  • Relationships are repaired
  • Anger and resentment melts away
  • Marriages are saved

"My 30-year marriage went to another level and I am happier than I have ever been."

Louisa Twohy
Relationship Educator - Carpenteria, CA


Workin' with a Man?

You will learn how to...

  • Why men are so competitive and how it can work for you
  • Work powerfully and in partnership with men

Our graduates report...

  • Promotions & raises
  • Respect & acknowledgment
  • Increased sales & productivity

"I learned to understand and appreciate who men are at work and as a result, they respect, appreciate and support me more"

Karen Miller
Reporter/Producer - Washington, DC


Raisin' a Man?

You will learn how to...

  • Listen to your son in a way that allows him to express himself
  • Understand his reactions

Our graduates report...

  • Moms and sons become friends again
  • Teenage sons open up

"I used "Men-glish" to ask my son to mow the lawn and he ran out to do it. He even jumped up to do the dishes. He was happy to help me."

Debbie Critzer-Fox
Parent Educator - Ojai, CA

Since 1995, thousands of women ages 17 to 83 have participated in the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop and have reported these results:

  • More love, happiness, peace and fun in their relationships with men
  • Feeling appreciated and adored by men
  • More romance, presents, flowers, cards and other expressions of love
  • Feeling more comfortable, confident, spontaneous and self-expressed with men in a variety of situations
  • More respect and compassion for men in general
  • A greater experience of the unique power of women
  • Less conflict, frustration and disappointment
  • No longer having to be the man in their own lives

The Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop will help you understand why men do what they do. You will find out what not to take personally – and even make sense of their most annoying behaviors and learn how to deal with them.

If you’ve been hurt by men in the past, injuries will heal as you look back on upsetting situations and begin to see what really happened. You will learn great alternatives for dealing with similar issues in the future. As you learn how to get what you need from men, any residual anger and frustration you may have toward men will dissipate.

Find out if the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women workshop is for you.

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