Celebrating Women:
Regarding Ecstasy & Power

Your Queen lives inside you. Make the most of her.

A Queen lives inside of each woman, so Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power is really intended for all women. For most women, the Queen is an elusive quality; one that frequently takes a back seat to the responsibilities and demands of life.

Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power is for all women…

…who want to gain a profound understanding of their needs: what they are, and how to get them met.

…who want to understand and develop their femininity in a conscious and direct way. Perhaps they’ve been acting very masculine or are too exhausted to be feminine.

…who want to learn how to become superb at receiving gifts– more effectively and more often.

…who want alternative ways of producing results – ways that are more natural to women and give access to results that masculine approaches can never produce. You’ll learn ways of having things happen that don’t leave you burnt out and tired.

…who want to bring their greatness to the situations in life that matter the most. You’ll learn how to be “great on purpose” instead of having accidental, unpredictable moments of genius and grace.

…who want to understand how to establish and enforce boundaries graciously, in a way that protects you and empowers others.

Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power is for all women…

…who want to see themselves as men see them: as Magnificent, Magical, Beautiful Creatures – and totally Awesome!

…who would like to experience plentiful Moments of Ecstasy. You learn how important it is for women to fill themselves up this way on a regular basis…and how to set up your life so it happens naturally!

…who want to bring a higher level of consciousness to all aspects of their lives. You will learn how to get the most empowerment from your time, money, and energy.

…who want to take the Celebrating Men & Marriage™ workshop. Celebrating Women provides the foundation for our most advanced workshop, which will give you access to being the Queen in romantic relationships – the hardest place to be our best selves.

Celebrating Women is for you.

Women who complete Celebrating Women become clear about the choices they make, and live a more potent and conscious life. Being a Queen is ultimately about owning your vision for life, embodying the greatness you admire, and having the tools to sustain yourself and your happiness while you contribute yourself powerfully to your realm.

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