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Our Guarantee

Workshop Satisfaction Guarantee

If you participate in one of our workshops and are not satisfied with what the program provided, you will receive 100% of your money back.

However, if you do not attend your workshop, you forfeit your right to claim this guarantee.

If, after completing a program, you wish to request a refund, you are required to do so in writing by sending an email to within 72 hours of the end of the program. Refunds are processed within eight weeks of receipt of request.

We consider your time as valuable as your money, and we can’t refund your time. Therefore, we encourage you to examine the information available here on our website and carefully consider if we are offering what you are seeking before you register into any of our programs.

This is what we guarantee will happen:

  • A majority of original information presented from a unique point-of-view, addressing the topics, results and concerns specified under each program
  • A trained workshop leader competent in the material provided in the program
  • A clean and orderly environment including standard hotel meeting room-type seating and ice water

This is what we do NOT guarantee:

  • That you will be admitted to the workshop when you arrive late or return late from a break
  • Free or discounted parking
  • Discounted hotel accommodations
  • That your questions will be answered

These are NOT provided at PAX Workshops:

  • Tables
  • Refreshments other than water
  • Permission to use laptops, iPads or recording devices


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